77 Bombay Street at das Zelt Bern

Exactly on the day, three years ago, I was at Bierhübeli Bern for 77 Bombay Street ‘s concert. And back then I discovered Baba Shrimps and seen them for the first time live as the support act of the Grison band. And now I was standing on this showy evening in Bern at ‘das Zelt’, as said exactly 3 years later with the same band combination. Just magical!

Admission was already quite special though. I mean, I found all the admissions of the three das Zelt concerts rather weird. But we were already standin ready with our tickets, wanted to show them the guys at the entrance – and NONE wanted to see them. You could have gotten in easly without any tickets. This was very strange.

We weren’t standing in the very front on this evening, but never mind. the atmsophere in the tent was super nice. Could outside, it was snowing, the world seemed standing still. Inside it was warm and relaxed. And Baba Shrimps played during half an hour a wonderful unplugged set. It was suiting the event so great to this tent. And it was stuck in my head – on this evening exactly 3 years ago I’ve seen Baba Shrimps for the very first time. Back then barley anyone knew them and look, what they reached by now? Wow! On the setlist of their unplugged set were “Calling Out For You”, “Pride & Tears”, “Kids”, the Mattafix Cover “Big City Life”, “Europe”, “I don’t wanna hide” and “Little House”. It was just so incredibly good!

The concert of 77 Bombay Street wasn’t much different to the das Zelt concert in November in Luzern. The atmosphere in Bern I liked even better though. Though I generally didn’t like the few concerts in Luzern as much as I did before. The euphoria, the atmosphere wasn’t like I knew them from shows before at any concert. I was a bit disappointed that hey didn’t play any new song 😉 In Luzern they had tested Simri’s “December”. i hoped they’d play it again or another new one. They barley let anything new leak :P.

The run on Baba Shrimps after the concert was rather big. And well, 77 Bombay Street don’t write autographs after concert anymore for quite a long time. There you have to be lucky to win a meet & greet or something like that. Not that I need any more autographs, but it’s still nice to meet them every now and then 😉

So, expect of the strange admission, it was a great evening at das Zelt in Bern.

Video-Playlist 77 Bombay Street

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