Aextra celebrating comeback

This afternoon was really the highlight par excellence! How much had I’ve been waiting for this announcement and I was so happy about it. It came even more unexpected than the Kelly Family comeback last year 😉 Finally, Aextra are finally back. About 6.5 years after the last concert, I attended their reunion concert on Saturday at the party of the Thun business park. An incredible, incredibly beautiful moment!

Indefinite break

In 2002, I first saw the Thun dialect band, founded in 2000, at Theater im National in Bern as a support Act of Florian Ast. Then in summer  again at the Thunfest. I was so excited about the band and their songs that they soon became my favorite dialect band. Aextra was also the first Swiss band, through which I discovered how much fun it is to see several concerts across the country. These were concerts at an outdoor swimmingpool in Aargau or somewhere at an university in Zurich.

How sad, when in 2011 they announced their indefinite break. 🙁 So this can mean what it wants. Either the band comes back sometime or that’s it …

Aextra vs. Trauffer

But Aextra are back. They decided for the former and announced their return with the unplugged concert at the party of the Thun business park. Although only only one concert for a start, but that should not be the only one according to their own statement.

A small train chugged in the most beautiful sunshine and summer temperatures over the grounds of the area, the people were queuing at the ice cream stand and you could visit the various companies. Honestly, important to me was only Aextra. Even though a date clash almost left a spanner in the works. I actually had a ticket for the Trauffer concert for the same evening.

Okay, if  not both would have worked out, Trauffer would definitely have had to wait in the back. I would have sold my ticket again very quickly. Sorry Trauffer, but after almost 7 years without Aextra …;) Yes, they all got older in time, but Aextra are still great ♥

Numerous fans, acquaintances and curious ones had gathered to finally listen to the Thun band live again. Schibae singing and now on guitar. Back then he had never played guitar at Aextra. Uh … Oh yes, now that he mentioned it …;) Ändu, who has been touring with DJ Bobo the last few years, and Kusi also on guitar. As usual Rolf on the drums.

Actually, I expected Maso on the bass. Bregy was on the keyboard back then. The two were missing. Instead, Pät (by QL – yes, really!) was on the bass. He had told me on Tuesday before that he would be there. Of course I did not understand at the time that he would be on stage with Aextra. Only through a picture in the newspaper article the days after I got it 😉 (the one HERE).

Hugging the world

The kiddies with their painted faces ran around and stood on the fence to be as close as possible. The atmosphere was relaxed. There was a lot of joy in the air. No, there were no new songs for the reunion, but how nice it was to hear all the Aextra songs and all my favorites live again. That went right to the heart ♥

Aextra started the concert with “Aues träit sech”. This was followed by “Nöie Tag” or “Läbsch di Troum”. The “Running Gag” was also found quickly for the next years – “Kusi on tuner”. He had been tuning a moment too long on his guitar 😉 The beautiful “Wulchebruch”, the sad “Läärs Härz” or the rocking “La mi nid allei” were also part of the setlist. However, I really had to wait until the very end for my favorite “Wäut umarme”.

"...ig chönnt die ganzi Wäut umarme, und mit dr Wäut umarme ig..."

( .. I could hug the whole world and with the whole world I’m hugging…)

… definitively AEXTRA!

Of course the encore couldn’t be missed, and above all not “Füür u Flamme”.

I’ve seen Schibae in the past few years solo and also with QL. Kusi has released his solo record and was touring with Roberto Brigante. With Ändu and DJ Bobo I danced and rocked at more than one concert. But there’s nothing like them all together as AEXTRA.

THANKS AEXTRA and welcome back ♥


Info about the band and future dates you will find on Facebook.


  1. Aues träit sech
  2. Mini Wäut
  3. Nöie Tag
  4. Wenn
  5. Guet für mi
  6. Schattespiu
  7. La mi nid allei
  8. Irgendwenn
  9. Ändgültig
  10. Wulchebruch
  11. Läärs Härz
  12. Läbsch di Troum
  13. Du hesch wöue
  14. Ga witer
  15. Schwäbe
  16. Wäut umarme
  17. Himmu und Höll
  18. Füür u Flamme
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