Bastian Baker at JRZ Luzern

Far more than an hour before concert start the first fans started to wait in front of the stage at the barriers. Slowely more and more people came together in front of it. The father next to me with his few children was wondering meanwhile a little, what he got involved with. Everyone was waiting for Bastian Baker. Me of course too.

I theoretically could have stayed in Luzern the day before after the Stress concert at KKL. 😉 Nevermind. Bastian Baker wrote the title song for the Jeder Rappen zählt chairty week – “Leaving Tomorrow”. For this they did a cover competition and he played the final concert on that day. I spent half of the afternoon on the Europaplatz. I listened to Anna Känzig, who was guest in the glasbox and presented her new songs. It was the first time, I heard her live. It was a quite song, but I liked it. I watched the “monkey dance” of the presenters, they did for a huge donation and followed their programme in general. I had some nice appletarts and a lovely barley soup. Having nice food and donating the same time. And I also met some acquaintanes.

During the soundcheck of the band Bastian was having some interviews already and then he went to the glasbox for interviews before the concert. The winner of the “Leaving tomorrow” competition, a 13 years old boy, also could performe his cover [video here]. He accopaigned himself by guitare and raised a cheer.

With the “Jeder Rappen zählt” title song Bastian Baker started his concert after 7pm. He though got interrupted shortly after, because the three presenters moved out of the box. They announced the raised sum and got properly celebrated.

Bastian Baker @ JRZ14

And only then the 1 hour final concert of Bastian and band got properly started. Different to Montreux on the previous weekend background singer Priscilla was part of it again. I actually discovered on that day only few known Bastian Baker fans and there seemed many people, who didn’t know him well or not at all yet. Generally you can see that, if people sing along and how they get along. They mainly know the most played songs from the radio. Though most of Bastians songs played on this evening are constantly played on the radio 😉 “Texas”, “Follow The Wind”, “Colorful Hospital”; “Lucky” of course, “Tomorrow may Not Be Better”, “Kids Off The Streets”, “Prime”, “79 Clinton Street” and “Dirty Thirty” were part of the setlist. The atmosphere was even with the cold wonderful. The band knew how to well entertain the audience. With concert and backstage stories, loads of charme and an energetic show they soon had the audience in Luzern on their side. The place turned quickly into a big choir. Typically Bastian Baker concert 😉 Super and just beautiful!

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I enjoyed every second of this concert and internalized it as well as possible. After all I heard already that Switzerland will quite miss out in 2015 and only a few concerts will take place.

A first one of these rare concerts got announced for the Stars Of Sounds.
On Saturday, 4.7.2015 Bastian will performe in Murten next to the Baseballs, Lo & Leduc & a surprise main act.

Ein erstes dieser raren Konzerte wurde für am Stars Of Sounds angekündigt. Tickets you get on ticketcorner.

The final JRZ concert can be heard here by the way.

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