Bastian Baker Fanclub-Meeting

Acts: Alejandro Reyes, Pegasus, Bastian Baker
Date: 02.11.2013
Event: Bastian Baker Fanclub-Treffen / Fêtes de 18ans
Place: Les Docks, Lausanne
Time: 3.30 pm

The fanclub meeting couldn’t have been any more perfect. Listening and watching soundcheck, meet & greet with apiritif and then not only a Bastian Baker concert but even two more acts.

I arrived at the Docks in Lausanne shortly after 2.30pm. Some members were there already, mainly female. This wasn’t expected differently. It was quite an international meeting as there came fans from France and Belgium. Somewhen around 3.30pm we could go inside to watch the soundcheck. There were many preparations going on for the evening. In the foyer they were blowing up balloons, cables were layed, banners put up. Only now I got to know that the fanclub did team up with the “Conseil des jeunes” and that was why we got two more concerts – next to Bastian Baker Alejandro Reyes and Pegasus were going to play concerts at the “Fête de 18ans”. Around 4.30 pm the soundcheck ended and half an hour later there was the meet & greet with aperitif at the skater hall. Party bread, rolls, cheese, meat and drinks. Stomatch started grumbling. Bastian was ready for the many autograph wishes, there was immediately a long queue. Everyone got their autographs and a special fanclub mug, of course signed. And finally we helped ourselves to the nice food. It was simply super nice and comfortable. Finally the most scaters have been gone then and it became quiter in the hall. To top everything one of the fanclub members brought selfmade crêpes with next to nutella also some special spreads – caramel au beurre and some cassis spread. No joke – they’ve been the best crêpes I’ve eaten in my entire life. The band then came over as well and wrote some autographs, took photos. BB FC Meeting

Around 8pm we could go back to the concert location. There was a bit a stop-go until it was decided, where we could enter in the end. First it was said through a separate entrance, then not. Some were almost running around panicy. Mad! There was going to be such a small audience, the location was small. You would see definitively from anywhere. We placed ourself directly in front of the mixing desk. We were standing a little higher there with direct view on stage and great sound. First two young guys welcomed the audience – they tried to get some good atmosphere with their jokes. Mostly I didn’t understand too much – my French isn’t the best – and what I understood wasn’t too funny. After another greeting of a councilor or who he was, Alejandro Reyes started the concert evening. Alejandro performed about 30mins. I noticed that he had only one hand, what was very impressive. It seemed not to bother him at all and played the guitar like anyone else. But I wasn’t too conviced of his music – though I liked the Spanish songs a lot better than the English ones. There was a short stage change and Pegasus continued. As usual the Intro and then “Man on Mars”. It was great to see them again. It was more than 4 months since and even though I knew it for a few days that they would play, I was so happy, fidgety and excited. “Who cares for one”, “Elle”, “Raise A Hand” and of course “Rise up” were part of the setlist. The atmosphere at the Docks was great. And last but not least Bastian and his band played. As it has to be, the show of course started with Colorful Hospital”, “You’re The One”, “Tomorrow May Not Be Better”, actual single “Follow The Wind”, “Lucky”, “79 Clinton Street”… … and somewhen the Setlist ended with “Dirty Thirty”. But many unplaned encorses got added – one of them was”One Last Time”, which Bastian sang only accompained by Simon on the keyboards. Then even Bastian’s concert ended and with it the fanclub meeting. BB FC Meeting

Outside it was raining cats and dogs. But an acquaintance gave me a ride in her car. So I could finish watching the concert and didn’t get wet. A real amazing day it was. Looking forward to the next fanclub meeting.

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