Bligg in Zofingen

Last year in December Bligg has released his new album “Instinkt” and last night started his tour for it, that will bring him to eight Swiss cities for 11 concerts. It’s 20 years anniversary tour and thanks to a competion at Ticketcorner, a friend and I could be part of the opening in Zurich.

I’ve seen several concerts of Bligg already, for my companion it was only the second one. Even the first fans had been there before 5 pm, there was only a small crowd queuing shortly before doors opened. The location takes up to 1900 visitors, most of them arrived only shortly before concert start. There was no support act, so Bligg and his band started at 8.30 pm the evening directly with the “Jubiläums Intro” from the new album.

In a yellow checked shirt and sun glasses he get into position on stage. Immediately we noticed that Bligg’s band, his stage crew, is smaller than on the past “Service Publigg” tour. Only one background singer, no dancers, and the first question then was: “Is Slädu not part of it anymore?” Indeed he’s dedicating himself after so many years with Bligg to other projects. Apart from that his longtime bandmembers, incl. brother Sam of course, are part of it. Bligg wants on this tour less show and concentrate more on the music.

Next to the new songs as “La sie redä”, “Mis Chick”, “Kei Zyt” or “Supernova” he’s been esp. playing all the known hits like “Musig i dä Schwiiz”, “Mundart”, “Chef”, “Legände und Heldä”, “Rosalie” and what else we know from the radios. Already with the second title “Manhattan” he fired up the vibes in the very mixed audience. Cheering and shoutings sounded towarrds him throughout the whole concert. Several times the location was lit up in a sea of lights. A big part of the audience knows most of his new lyrics already by heart. I felt like a bit like Bligg was more talkactive during other concerts though. But with the one or other funny lyric slip of tongue, great solos of his band as well as a duet with his brother Sam-B, it was a good solid show. I esp. liked the for his son written “Drachentöter”, that they added as an encore in calm, harmonious atmosphere.

But, was it enough? After quite exactly 1,5 hours, incl. encore, they had left the stage again. The concert was finished. I was standing there with mixed feelings. I liked it, but didn’t really get carried away by the concert. Acquaintances and friends of me didn’t sound that impressed either:

  • „It was good, but I didn’t really get carried away“.
  • „It was a little short“
  • „I would have wished to hear more new songs“
  • „I have seen better shows of him“

Personally I also think 1,5 hours are rather short and esp. not exactly anniversary lenght. But concerning concert lenghts optivons are getting very divided. I can’t criticize the number of new songs. As far as I remember, they played all of the new songs expect of 2-3 titles. But I probably would have changed half of the rest of the setlist, or would have wished next to all the typical radiosongs more titles, that haven’t been played in a long time or not so often. Bligg got MANY other great songs, there not each typical hit got to be played? Maybe it was a reason, that because of the last tour a bigger show was expected? Or just, because it was the first tour concert. As said, it wasn’t bad and a good concert. But somehow I’ve been missing something…

By the way, Bligg is doing a signing after the concerts. So, take the album with you 😉 I will go and see his show again on 3rd March in Bern. The setlist will be the same, but the band on tour for 2 weeks already, the concert location a different one as well as the audience… it can depend on so many factors. I’ll see, how the Instinkt tour will work on me there.

I’d like to know, what you think. Write in the comments or on social media, how you liked this or one of the upcoming concerts.

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