Bosse in Zürich

Thanks to Mainland Music I could go to see Bosse at Exil in Zurich. I knew 1-2 Songs from the radio and have heard his new Album “Engtanz”, that was released about a month ago. I had no clue though what to actually expect. But I left the small concert Location absolutely thrilled then.

Uusally Bosse performes in front of about 6000 spectactors per concert – in Germany anyway. Here in Switzerland he played now his very first, own headlining concert in Zurich. Before he had performed as a support act of Boy in the Limmat city some years ago. It was sold out, but into the small locaton “only” about 350 People go in. An unique chance to see him so close. This is probably also  what many German neighbours thought, who came to Zurich for him.

Axel Bosse entered stage personally with Valentine and introduced her as his support as well as a band member. The young woman sat down behind the keyboard, fighting a little with the stool, and played an half an hour set to us. She was super nervous as it was her first performance abroad. Her band mates already had predicted her international break through. Usually she’s playing with a whole band, now she was playing the partly with the Boy producer written songs all alone on the keyboard. Different to the Bosse songs Valentine’s are in English. A super likable Berlin girl. Sure it’s not easy to play such songs all alone on the piano. It was nice, but maybe I would like her music with the whole band more. I will have to check this eventually. [Video here]

Already at 8 pm Bosse entered stage with his 7 (!!) member band and started the concert with „Ausserhalb der Zeit“. The actual members are Thorsten Sala (guitare), Theofilos Fotiadis (Bass, bass ukulele), Stefan Lenkeit (keyboards), Chris Heiny (drums, percussion), Martin Wenk (Trumpete, French horn, guitare) as well as Valentine Romanski (backing vocals, keyboards). At the beginning there was a huge security guy standing directly in front of us, who should make sure, that technician Florenz could pass with instruments and in case of problems. Well, none of the audience on this side was happy of course. The security guy luckily left then, and when he came back again later, he was sent away by Flo straight away. Everything was ok: none was freaking out and we tried our best not to be in his way 😉

Bosse got an incredible energy – from the very first to the very last song he kept jumping and dancing. The musician from Lower Saxony was already soaked through after the first songs and suggested to invent some „sweat glasses“ for the first three rows. He was not only dancing on stage but also in the middle oft he audience – first during „Alter Strand“ and then supported in singing by a concert visitor during „3 Millionen“ again. Super likable and not at all afraid of people. He kept telling stories about the orgin of the songs, about his whole life and kept talking to the audience. With songs like „So oder so“, „Nachttischlampe“, „Vier Leben“, „Steine“, „Istanbul” oder „Kraniche“ – last ones even in an accoustic part – he totally thrilled the whole Exil from the very first moment. And his band is super funny as well, always up to something fun, and was there with as much energy and joy. With Bosse the whole crew gets involved into the concert. There was the roadie aka „The Machine“ suddendly looking out of his corner and taking over a part as Caspar replacement during „Krumme Symphonien“ and then Flo was in middle of the band as an extra drummer. During the ballades and accoustic part Bosse got some breaks inbetween, or just took them. Esp. when the bass player started a song too early and took away the urgently needed water break, they simply started over again.

I suddendly had almost tears in my eyes out of enthudiasm. Didn’t expect it like that. It’s always great to see your favourite bands live, but it’s an incredible feeling, when you go to a concert unsuspecting and you leave the location again in total enthudiasm about the new discovery… Bosse also was so thrilled, that he would have loved to book another concert just during the show. He would make sure to call his booker to organise something. Of course his album in endless repeat on the ears. So the concert was over before 10 pm and I easily got home. Of course with his new album on the ears in endless repeat.

Go, see him the next time!


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