Bright November at ISC Bern

The alarm clock rang at 6 o’clock in the morning after only 4 hours of sleep. Unmotivated I crawled out of bed, headed for the bathroom to get ready for work. The look into the mirror told me – no, actually it’s not working. But then about half an hour later on the bus with “The way we are” on the ears, I just wore a smile on my lips and thought “thank you Bright November, thanks Mättu!”.

Such little memories coupled with great songs bring motivation for the day.

The Bright November concert at the ISC Club in Bern was scheduled for 10pm and it was a bit difficult to go out at this time. Well, it was Thursday and as long as I made the last train, that was fine. Since the last timetable change, there’s even a later last bus supposed to be from Thursday to Saturday. Plus the weekend was just around the corner.

Seeing a few other people than during the rest of the week and listening to great music never hurts. I did not seem to be the only one who needed a bit longer to get going this evening. But if you sit there, drink something, meet a few acquaintances, it always changes quickly. During the concert anyway.

Energetic and rousing, Bright November began their concert with the first songs from their debut album “In This Together.” Head nodding and slightly bobbing, the audience stood during “Head Heart,” “Fire Of Our Souls” and my favorite “Keep On Falling” with a clear “safety gap” in front of the stage of the Bernese Club (I think it was Seven who had a special expression for this “gap”, but unfortunately I can’t remember it anymore ;-))

With their rhythmic, guitar-heavy and spherical rock / pop songs, the SRF3 Best Talent of September 2017 obviously took its audience deep into its spell. During dreamy, quiet titles like “Shepherd” or “You Came Down” you could really almost hear pins drop. Incidentally, they dedicated the latter to birthday girl Judith, who, despite her birthday, came to listen to the band.

Yes, birthday concerts are the best anyway.

So during the concert it proved as a very very attentive audience. In the back area you could meet the one or other dancer.

“Less Of Me”, the beautifully harmonious “Lions Mouth” or the current single “Stay”, which did fetch you again right at the end of the concert, were part of the varied setlist. A mix of songs from the current album as well as the EP “Seeking The Day”, which they released back in 2013.

The band did not lose many words during the evening, just let the music speak. But all the more remained the few words with which frontman Matthias dedicated “The way we are”  to all those who needed a little motivation boost in the morning. And as mentioned at the beginning, it worked!

After over an hour, Bright November ended a wonderful concert with the dynamic “Strain Return”. Once again, I went home with this “wow feeling”. Even if the competition for the Swiss Music Award is so incredibly big, they definitely deserve the award. We’ll see.


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