Brooke Fraser in Zurich

After the last tunes of Lo & Leduc at “Milk day” became silent, I soon went from St. Galle to Zurich. Thanks to Mainland Music I could go and see Brooke Fraser live for the very first time. The concert took part at Exil in Zurich. Yes, I mainly knew her hit “Something in the water” but based on it I was looking forward very much to the concert. Well, unfortunately I got disappointed.

So, when it’s said that the concert starts at 7pm, I don’t think it’s great if it doesn’t start before 7.40 pm. And also not, if you have to wait then another 40mins to the main act… Support act was Ladina of the band Delorian Cloud Fire from Basel. I thought she was pretty good, but didn’t really wow me that much. Maybe I would have liked her better with the whole band? I don’t know.

But yes, the whole evening in generall wasn’t very prickling. Brooke Fraser got a nice voice and songs, but became so much more electronic. This is obviously (unfortunately) totally “in” at the moment. She was standing on stage with a keyboard player, played her self only a little guitare, the most came from pushing buttons. It really felt like a DJ with his singer to me. And after we also had to wait so much and long, the concert didn’t even take a whole hour. I became impatient already after 30min, starting to count what time the show might be finished. This year I’ve already walked out early of a concert at Mark Forster‘s, because I didn’t like it. I really thought about this again. Well, the concert was so short in the end anyway.

At least it was nice to meet friends there, otherwise I rather came to the conclusion on this evening “I would have better gone to Burgdorf to see Rival Kings.

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