Bruno Mars in Zurich

What can I say. Such a genious evening. The concert world is my world. Nothing seems to work perfect unless it got something to do with concerts.

Off direction Hallenstadion Zurich, I knew we’ll be pretty late, because I couldn’t make it differently. Half of the Hallenstadion area was a building site, so the tram only could get to Oerlikon station – the rest we had to walk. When we finally arrived at Hallenstadion, Skylar Grey was just on stage, supporting act of the evening. She got a great voice, some of  the songs I liked – obviously they were not her original songs though. I tried to get as far as possible to the front. Seemed quite easy, until there were suddendly barriers and security guys blocking the way. Only the frist 2000 fans arriving were allowed to get through there. All the others had to stay beind. Great! Well, no!

Yes, I wasn’t very happy with this. I started talking to the security guys, because they had some wristbands left, that you needed to get through. One of the security guys suddendley asked me, what concerts I had visited before. I couldn’t even realyl remember ,what concert was my last one at Hallenstadion. There were too many inbetween. When he asked, if I had been there for Shakira’s concert. And I could hardley believe that he realyl remembered it? Obvously he did. And then my memories came back again. I continued talking to this guy, kept getting closer to the barrier. I sure hoped that they would let more people in at the beginning of the show, as there was still a lot of space. At some point the security guy, who obviously remembered the Shakira concert, went to the back and told me to follow. Of course I first didn’t get it. And so I got two wristbands to get to the front. Of course I couldn’t be any more happy. And we got so much closer to the stage this way, and only few minutes before the lights went off, the curtain fell and Mr. Peter Gene Hernandez aka Bruno Mars entered stage, starting a fantastic show!

They let more people in then, but I didn’t bother. The most important was, we were in the front. It was a fantastic mix of uptempo songs and ballades, but also jokes, loads of laughing and simply pure entertainment. And how you got goosebumps, when he simply was standing there, saying nothing and people screamed their lungs out and were cheering as loudley as possible – he, simply standing there, somewhat speechless. Just a very sweet, nice and very talented guy. And of course he let the female hearts bet faster, when he dedicated a part of a song to a girl in front row. Who wouldn’t have wanted to be the one?
Next to all his big hits as “Grenade”, “The Lazy Song”, “Millionaire”, there were many more songs you just had to love. “Just the way you are” of course couldn’t be missed either – pure goosebumps, when the whole arena was along singing word by word. The curtain closed again after about 1,5 hours.

We reached our trains easily as planned. Everything just worked out perfectly. And don’t forget “You are amazing, just the way you are”!

PS: Okay, that can happen if you don’t know artists. Skylar Grey wrote all the known songs for others. So they were her original songs.

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