Carrousel & Baba Shrimps in St. Gallen

After about a 3 hours train ride I arrived in deep snow in St. Gallen. Well, ok, it wasn’t that bad and actually pretty nice with all the snow. It reminded me of the Pegasus concert in 2011. Back then during my first concert at Grabenhalle it was really siberian bitterly cold. And this time not Pegasus played, but Carrousel and Baba Shrimps.

At the end of the evening it wasn’t the best concert. The Pegasus concert back then was better. But it was ok. I discovered a new band and heard Baba Shrimps. Suited well. I didn’t think the bands were bad – but rather the audience. During Carrousel it was a rather quite atmosphere. There were also less spectactors than later during Baba Shrimps. The concert was nice and next to the French songs Sophie and Leonard did try hard to speak in German to the audience. And they were happy if you tried to get out some of your  broken school French knowledge. Super likeable both of them, who are on tour with drummer, bass player and keyboard player. They concerts are very convival and happy.

At the time when Carrousel finished their concert, Baba Shrimps should have already been standing on stage according to the programme. But of course they had to change stage first. I thought about it twice, whether I should have taken the last train or simply stay through the night. During thir concert the crowd was suddendly a lot bigger, and there was a bigger audience. It was the usual setlist. But until the end of the concert we were as far from our original spot as never before at a Baba Shrimps show. So many drunken, bawling teens. Atmosphere was there, but not exactly the way I would have wished for. It was defenitively better elsewhere.

The evening was still good though. I finally seen a full concert by Carrousel. Baba shrimps I always love listening too. But the most interesting and greatest part in St. Gallen were the meetings with all the different people – band members, crew, audience or the travellers in the train. Esp. also the trip back home. And didn you know, that (on weekend anyway) you can travell by commuter railway from St. Gallen to Zurich (about 84 kilometers) every hour? And the night shift premium is only CHF 5! I mean, imagine – I pay from Bern to Thun (about 30kilometers) by bus CHF 17! I sat in the warmth at McDonald’s waiting for the first train in the morning. On the whole way I met some funny people.

Though I am not necessarily made to make nights through 😉 After a few hours of sleep I feel pretty crap the whole day… lol

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