The Coronas at Papiersaal Zurich

Since one week the Irish rockband The Coronas is on tour and also returned to Zurich. Thanks to Mainland Music I could be there. It was my first concert by them, but sure not the last one.

In the morning I still feared that I had to cancel the concert, because a rough cold seemed to approach. But my mind wouldn’t admit this. The cold bounded then and so I experienced a superb concert evening!

Already before the concert I met Nina from Kekoaskorner, who told me about the interview she did with The Coronas front guy Danny. What she told me during our conversation was the impression I had of the band insofar. Laid-back, friendly and super likable – just the Irish. I generally don’t know it differently 🙂 On the albums they sounded good and so I was curious how the band did live.

Polar Circles kicked off the evening

Setlist Polar CirclesAt around 8.15 pm the Lausanne indie rockband Polar Circles started their half an hour set. The four members band is currently accompanying The Coronas on Germany tour, including a stopover here in Switzerland.

Polar Circles have already supported various bands and been abroad too. Just the last two weekends they have played next to Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg also at Vienna Waves. Especially for Newcomers these are important music festivals, I’d love to visit some time too.

The setlist included songs, also their actual single “Falling Tonight”, that will be available on their second album in November. With their melodic, spherical and melancholic rock they well managed to get the audience into the mood for the main band.

The Coronas rocked Papiersaal

Soon after 9 pm the five Irish guys entered stage of the well-visited Papiersaal after a short change over. They started the quite exactly 90mins concert with the catchy “Real Feel”. As enthralling they continued with “Get Loose” and “Addicted To Progress”. Immediately there were good vibes in the audience.

They were going to stay for a while on this evening, front guy Danny assured. They wanted to play until no one was applauding anymore. Yes, if musician just would keep these promises 😉

The Coronas are front guy Danny, guitarist Dave, bass player Graham as well as Conor on the drums. For their concerts Jonathan is accompanying them, who’s making their sound complete with keys, guitar and backing vocals. The band originates from Irish capital Dublin and was founded in 2003. And yes my first thought was like “Ins’t there a beer named Corona?” (me as a non-beer drinker 😉 ). The name got inspired by a movie character though as I have read in an interview 😉

Quite exactly 10 years ago they have released their first album, Danny told proudly. So their newest work “Trust The Wire” is their fifth studio album. Catchy pop-rock sound that is going along with the incredibly great voice of the singer and gets supported by captivating guitar parts. In-between beautiful goose bumps causing ballades kept following. “Dreaming Again” even contains this typical Irish folky touch. The following “We couldn’t fake it” became immediately one of my favourites by the way.

Yes, music exactly after my fancy.

Front guy Danny kept switching between keys and guitar. There he was jumping over the stage during the fast, catchy up-tempo songs. For “A Bit Withdrawn” he was standing at the edge of the stage only with an acoustic guitar and closed eyes, singing with all his soul. At the beginning of the song he asked the audience to put the phones away, closing the eyes and just to enjoy.

They make it so easy to like them.

Before they played their last song “Mark My Words”, Danny told that they of course were going to come back on stage for an encore. So some in the audience were shouting for another song as soon as they returned. “We even have four more songs for you!” Danny was grinning. With the remark “we are probably not the only ones doing this these days” they played among others a cover of the late Tom Petty, namely his hit “Learning To Fly” [watch the video here]. How do you like it? I have to admit, I don’t really have any comparison, but I liked the cover a lot.

Powerfully they ended their concert with “Just Like That” for good.

Here you can see the full setlist:

Setlist The CoronasI could have kept listening to them for ages, but this way I could catch my train without having to leave the concert early. Sure I would have loved to meet them after the show, but I think, they’ll come back soon. Then I absolutely recommend you all will be there.

Have you already seen The Coronas live? How do you like this Irish band?

All the concert dates and info about the band you can find on their websites:

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