Dabu Fantastic on Basel-Bern-Zürich-LasVegas-Tour

August was the fantastic month, more exactly the Dabu Fantastic month. Just once they wanted to play several concerts in the same city like Celine Dion does – and so they went with their new songs on BaselBernZurichLasVegas-Tour. They had to deal with annoying neighbours, the police and aircons.

During three weeks Dabu Fantastic have been on their BaselBernZurichLasVegas tour through Switzerland. That means, tuesdays they played in Basel, wednesdays in Bern and thursdays in Zurich. Introducing their new songs, promoting the album and rehearsing the live shows… and all of it did lead them into Hallenstadion Zurich on 02.09.2016. Okay, into the storage room of the ice resurfer, but that’s a detail. With a basic setlist that they changed and complemented each week, they played in the three cities 3×3 shows. The admission was free. The audience could decide themselves with a collect, what it was worth to them. So the band maybe could at least pay the fuel or getting a snack on the way home…

IMG_0100Cafe Kairo Bern

In the first week they actually played their first real concert on tour in Bern at Cafe Kairo. They had been in Basel the day before, but the performance was ending up super short. Because suddendly the police was standing in front of them and ending the fun after three songs – because of a neighbour, who always complaints with such events. In Bern the police didn’t come. The six member band squeezed on the small stage at Kairo, tried to extend it a little in the second week. One of the keyboards was standing along the wall in the audience then, because there was simply not enough space on stage.

I’ve been at Cafe Kairo for the first time too. A small, nice and comfortable location. You can get a drink at the bar, have something to eat or with nice weather you can sit outside under the birchs. Watching the ant trails. And in the basement there’s the event room with the small stage. It was super weather on the first Wednesday, summery warm – super warm also in the basement. At some point not only the band almost melted but also the audience, even they weren’t that many yet. The number of audience grew every week though. So whilst Dabu Fantastic introduced their new songs as “Autobahn”, “Striited”, “Jeans” or “Angelina”, who’s played up and down on the radios, as well as introduced drinks, playing some older titles inbetween, suddendly it was said “sorry, I forgot to turn on the air con!” Haha. Of course in the second week it was immediately asked “Is the air con on?”. And in the third the basement was so crowded, not even the aircon could help any longer.

Güter Garten Zurich

I liked the concert in the first week at Cafe Kairo so much, that I decided to go again in Zurich the next day. It’s when they played after 8 pm, and it worked out without having to leave work early or stress a lot. And Güter Garten is sooo great. Super nice and only a few mintues walk from the Hardbrücke away, on a big area with Streetfood market. In the middle of it there was a circus tent with bar. With a special Drinks bar for the Dabu Fantastic tour. On the area colorful flags and lanterns were hanging. I immediately loved it there. Even with the rainy, stormy weather, the atosphere on this evening was nice summery and relaxed. The audience had a lot of fun and Dabu was even dancing on the tables. I would have loved to go a second time, but in the thrid week they played already at 6 pm. They had to go on to Musikfestwochen Winterthur the same evening. So it didn’t work out.

But it’s when Dabu Fantastic already had announced it.: Who went to all three concerts, got an award. And indeed, they made one themselves. Look at this:

Dabu Fantastic Award
The new album will be celebrated with.

Dabu Fantastic are a great live band. They full of energy and vitality. To see them live is a lot of fun. So it was such a great summer: every week Dabu Fantastic! And their new album “Drinks”, that will be released on 02.09.2016, contains again fantastic dialect songs. A mix of rock, pop, funk, soul and hip-hop. It’s catchy, potential hit earworm melodies with funny, society critical, but also soulful lyrics. They tell their stories. All influenced through live and their enviroment.

So, go for drinks!

All the infos about the band, the album and concert dates you can find on www.dabufantastic.ch

Youtube Playlist Dabu Fantastic

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