Dear 2018…

Dear 2018,

As always, you had a great start at Touch The Mountains. Already in the first half year I experienced the greatest moments, met great people and got to know them. That lasted until the end of the year, despite the health downfalls in the middle of the year.

All these wonderful moments, meetings and highlights gave me the motivation and energy to go on and to take some risks. The best risk I ever took. And so my life now consists 100% of music – not only privately but also professionally. Everything suddenly makes so much more sense! 🙂

How this will affect, I am not 100% sure. But the thought of giving up the site after all, I have discarded again. I love it too much for what it is – all my work around and what it stands for: The creative side, my love for music and the artists behind it as well as the support for it. No matter how big or small it is at the end – and if I can only reach 1 person with it.

A small overview

Like every year, I have created my little statistics again. Admittedly, I like my concert statistics: How many concerts I have seen, how many and which acts were there and the highlights of them all. Not easy to filter out, but exciting and it brings back many memories.

Yes, with 185 shows it was less compared to 2017 – but certainly more intense. Not only dreams came true, this year I was allowed to stand more often in the photo pits of our country, so that I even some could take pictures at close range of some world stars and report about them. And the most important thing: The whole shows were great fun!

I would like to highlight a few concerts from all the countless great shows:

In Wetzikon it went round

Actually I had no idea what to expect, but at the end of the evening I was all the more enthusiastic. Gil Ofarim was discovered in 1997 by the Bravo Fotolove story and developed with his long hair and blue eyes to a teeny star. 20 years later Gil rocked the Hall Of Fame in Wetzikon in March. Besides his hit “Round’n “Round (It goes), the setlist also contained many great songs of his bands Zoo Army and Acht as well as current solo songs. Next time I’ll be right back at the start. You can read the complete report here: Gil Ofarim in Wetzikon

Gil Ofarim in Wetzikon

Magic moments in Zermatt

It was beautiful in Zermatt! In 2017 I visited Zermatt again after more than a decade. During one afternoon I discovered the Zermatt Unplugged in beautiful spring weather and could hardly wait to return this spring. The weather during the three days visited was winterly cold and rather cloudy, but it made the atmosphere more magical: Be it in the Taste Village under the open sky, up on the mountain in the Blue Lounge with The Souls or at Kodaline in a warm, comfortable tent. But just read here: Zermatt Unplugged 2018

Magic moments at Zermatt unplugged

Learning to fly with the Foo Fighters

I admit, I didn’t expect that I would have so much fun at this concert. I mean, I’d heard one or two Foo Fighters songs before. But only with the fan action in Italy for “Learn to fly” and the broken leg of frontman Dave Grohl I became more and more involved with the band. There came the interest and the realization: At least once in my life Foo Fighter’s must be seen live. And it was great! Read it yourself: Foo Fighters in Bern

Foo Fighters Bern
Foo Fighter front guy Dave Grohl in Bern

“Starstruck” at Stars Of Sounds

Of course I especially liked the Stars Of Sounds Festival this year, because my favourite band The Kelly Family was there on the first day in Murten. They seemed to like performing on the shores of Lake Murten just as much as we loved to see them. I think it was the most stress-free and relaxed Kelly concert I’ve ever been to.

Stars Of Sounds Murten

In addition there were great concerts by Nickless, Inner Circle or of course George Ezra, whom I was especially looking forward to. His album “Staying at Tamara’s”, released in March, is a favourite in 2018. Once again we experienced the most beautiful sunsets over Murten. And admittedly, when I stood in front of Sunrise Avenue frontman Samu Haber for a moment, I felt a bit overwhelmed.

But not to forget the concerts before that at the Stars Of Sounds in Aarberg: Among others Passenger, who once again enchanted his audience all alone in the middle of the old town. Or the party we celebrated with Halunke, Hecht, Trauffer & QL. Those were great days.

Sunrise Avenue Murten
Sunrise Avenue frontguy Samu Haber in Murten
Sunrise Avenue Murten

Read all the details here:

Stars Of Sounds Aarberg 2018: Mundart party
Stars Of Sounds Aarberg 2018: Magic and Shocks

Die Kelly Family celebrated at Stars Of Sounds Murten
Stars Of Sounds Murten 2018: from summer festival to dating platfrom
Stars Of Sounds Murten 2018: Hit firework for the festival final

Hot, hotter, Ed Sheeran

What a summer it was: Long, hot and dry. It never seemed to end and I hadn’t sweated as much as this afternoon for a long time. It was a very thirsty day, but Ed Sheeran made up for it quickly. Just like a few years ago in the small clubs, he managed to enthuse the 40,000 or so spectators in Zurich with sheer ease. Only he with his guitar and the Loopstation. Well, the visuals on the huge LED wall were also beautiful and impressive. But he would have been just as enthusiastic without it.

Read the complete report here HIER.

One of my favourite pictures in 2018

Highlight of the year

My personal highlight of the year is and remains of course The Kelly Family. After their comeback last year, the family band was not only back in Switzerland, a big dream of mine came true:

I saw the Kelly Family on the legendary Loreley

Even twice! It was partly as crazy as it was in the 90s, but above all a great experience together with a great friend! Read all the details HERE

The Kelly Family back on the legendary Loreley

Disappointments were the minority

Yes, apart from all the great shows, there was one or two concerts that didn’t really excite me that much. But I also got over myself and saw one or two bands where I had to say: Okay, the music may not be mine, but they are really good live.  But there were also real disappointments. But those were concerts that didn’t even take place in the first place.

After she had to postpone her tour for health reasons, Lady Gaga was back. Unfortunately she didn’t manage to finish the whole tour. Beside a few other shows, Zurich was also cancelled without replacement. I would have loved to see her live with her album “Joanne”. But when you look at Netflix documentary “Five Foot Two” you don’t doubt her decision for a moment. I just hope she will come back to Zurich sometime or at least close by.

The second sick cancellation came from the Irish band The Script. Because of a bad cold of frontman Danny, the band had to postpone some concerts of their “Freedom Child Tour”. They did one or two concerts, for example in Milan, but the show in Zurich was cancelled completely. The Script went to two more festivals in Switzerland in the summer, but unfortunately I couldn’t go there.

… and what comes with 2019?

Of course I’m looking forward to all my favourite bands: The Kelly Family will also be on tour in 2019. With P!nk, real girl power is coming to Europe and 2019 will also see some comebacks: Among others from the Irish boyband Westlife, David “The Hoff” Hasselhof goes on tour and also Blümchen has announced a comeback. Funny! And exciting!

But even in our little Switzerland there is a lot of work and tinkering going on – I’m looking forward to the plans of The Souls. Yokko are already back from their break and Hot Like Sushi will release a new song in January. Open Season are working on new material and I’m still hoping for the return of the Rival Kings…

Otherwise, let’s see what else will go on. I am looking forward to new discoveries and above all I am curious about what will await me professionally.

I hope you’re all there: Whether here on the blog, on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or even better in real life.

Happy New Year to you all and a great 2019!

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