Death By Chocolate at Bern Cityfestival

Bern has been celebrating at the weekend 1000 years of Bümpliz with a big city festival. It’s when at many different places various free concerts took place. To see Death By Chocolate again after ages, we just couldn’t miss. Actually there would have been so many concerts, but many didn’t appeal to me. And I have been so busy the whole week.

The concert of Death By Chocolate took place in front of the Westside shopping centre in Bern-Brünnen. Some food and drink stands were set up. There was even a VIP stand. The rain wasn’t so much the problem, but the weather was super annoying. It changed from rain to almost blue rain every five minutes. “Müslüm just arrived!” commented front guy Mathias Schenk, when suddendly there was a rainbow showing up over our heads during the show. Five minutes later it was already gone again and we pulled over hoods over our heads again. Yes, but even more annoying than the undeterminded weather were actually the concert visitors with their umbrellas in front of us, that took us the sight, sometimes almost poked our eyes out. You just don’t go to concerts with umbrellas. And otherwise stand into the back, when none gets disturbed.

But we still had fun to see Death By Chocolate finally live again. They rocked the Westside stage with “Siren Calls”, “the Sun” and next to many others with the newest song “Animal keeper”, which they had released in April for Record Store Day. Additionally there was a matching light show. And with each song the audience became a little wilder – at least the front rows. Have we been wondering before the concert, if any one knew about the city festival at all, the place was well crowded. At the end of the concert we were pretty soaked and because we weren’t interested much into Müslüm, who performed afterwards, we were off home again.

The band was quite recently. Death By Chocolate are working on a new album. When it is going to be released, i am not informed about at the moment either. But til then you can see them at least at Pailotte Festival. And our German neighbours can go see them at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.

Absolutely to recommend!

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