Ed Sheeran at Kaufleuten Zurich

I knew, I’d be late. Or well, at least not as early as usually, because I came directly from work. But how should I have known, that the the time on the ticket – start 8 pm – was’t reall correct?

Okay, Ed Sheeran started his show at 8 pm, but when my friend and I arrived, the support act had been finished already. We went to the wardrobe to store our jackets, when I suddendly lost my company, but heard the show started. So I went upstairs to get a good spot. But that seemed almost impossible. The location was so crowded. Somehow I got into the middle of the room, a bit sidewards, close to the bar. But I couldn’t see anything at all and was quite frustrated. I hate to be in the back of concerts. Even the atmosphere seemed good from the beginning, I was sure it would have been better in the front. Finally I was standing there, thinking, nenver mind, just listen. After all I was just happy to finally listen to Ed Sheeran live… and it was awesome!

From the beginning this guy took the audience by storm. People were singing along, swaying arms, used phones and lighters during the ballads, kept listening to his stories and laughing. It was incredible. I am not sure, if I’ve ever seen that much emotion at a concer before. And at some point, I was totally overwhelmed – by Ed’s voice, lyrics and melodies, all the laughing and room filled of cheering. I couldn’t hold my tears back. And each time, when the tears had tried, new emotions came over me and they kept running again. A guy passing me, asked: “Are you crying?”. I just nodded and said “Yes”. “Is it this sad?” he kept asking irritated, but I was shaking my head, replying: “No, it’s so beautiful!”.

Ed Sheeran, this guy, is a damn genious. He’s been standing there all alone, not only singing but also beatboxing. He was entertaining the audience like no one else. Of course the show was containing all his songs like “U.N.I”, “Small Bump”, “You need me, I don’t need you”, as well as his hits “Drunk”, “Lego House” and “The A Team”. He even was playing a duet with Mike, his support act. This was about 1,5 hours pure pleasure! And how Ed used to say, it was “wicked”!

After the show we kept waiting at the tourbus, that was standing directly at the road and couldn’t be overseen. There were quite a lot of people waiting, even quite a few English fans. At this time, people already started queuing outside the venue again, but for a party that was taking place afterwards. We worried, that Ed wouldn’t come outside with so many people at all. But after we had been waiting for about 1,5 hours, and were just about leaving to catch our train, the side doors opened. A not too tall guy with red, tousled hair. It was great to meet him, even it was only short. Ed seemed rather shy, but no one really was talking to him anyway. Everyone was just standing around him, letting their tickets sign. I borrowed him my marker, as everyone only had ballpoints with them. And the way I am, if I am way too excited, I was talking way too much… but I just had to thank him for this woderful concert.

And I can’t wait to – hopefully soon – see him live again.

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Act: Ed Sheeran
Event: Tour
Date: 09.03.2012
Place: Kaufleuten, Zurich
Time: 7.30 pm
Doors: 7 pm
Support Act: Passenger




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