Even You at Mokka Thun

Even You, are at high speed. The 6 member band from the area Thun only played their 10th concert about a year ago on stage of Bierhübeli in Bern, where they only just missed a win at the Waldbühne contest. Now about one year later they celebrated the release of their EP “Told By an Idiot” at Mokka Thun.

On this evening I arrived at the location rather late. Barley was able to sit down on the sofa at home, otherwise I would have fallen asleep. It was my 5 concert this week. The crowded Mokka wasn’t as euphoric as I would have imagined (it was different back then at AKUT or Bierhübeli), but possibly the reason was, that the interest for the band was so big and the mixed audience was standing esp. in the back rather cramped. The more energetic was the band during their show then.

Who’s reading along for longer has read the Name Even You before at least once. The music style of the young band isn’t that easy to define. Rock, Pop, Folk, Reggea, Funk – their songs are very variable for sure. Even You are Noel Schmidlin (vocals, violine, keyboards), Estelle Schmidlin (vocals, accordeon), Michael Staedeli (guitare), Adrian Stäederli (bass, French horn), Fabian Streit (guitare, harmonica) and Dominic Gerber (drums). They founded the band in 2013 and now have recorded together with Philipp Fankhauser’s guitare player Marco Jencarrelli their debut EP. There are the songs “Song of Irony”, “Told By An Idiot”, “Mevikstown”, “Attitude””, “Unchained” and “Spring Underground” on it, which they of course also played on this evening. For “Told By An Idiot” they even got inspired by William Shakespeare.

When the Mokka boss asked the band whether they were nervous, they only grinned and shook their heads. After the first few songs they introduced their new “band member”, a keyboard. And of course the Ep was launched during the concert with a small, Australian spraying animal. But a little nervousness was probably there after all. Did they almost forget to mention the name of the EP. 😉 But wouldn’t there have been any nervousness, one would have been surprised somehow. After all even many experienced musicians and bands are still a little nervous after years. In the end the band of course wasn’t let go without any encore.

The run on Even You after the concert was rather big. Everyone wanted a signed EP of course, or even one of the gym bags with it, and congratulate for their debut. As soon as I had my copy, I was quuickly off home. I urgently needed some sleep. My deficit was reall big 😉

In case you want to see Even You live, you can find all the dates on their webside www.evenyou.ch, incl. all the links for their EP of course.

Youtube-Playlist Even You

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