Even You in Steffisburg

On this evening staying at home would have been an option. Even many believe, I got endless energy, it’s not exactly like that. Somehow I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I still went then though. Because Thun band Even You played on this evening at “Alte Schmitte” in Steffisburg, and also on this evening it was worth again going.

I don’t see Even You very often, last time it was at AKUT in Thun in February. The “Alte Schmitte” is one of these very special locations. Next to a bootmaking as well as shoe shop it also is a bistrot. So, inbetween all the shoes and bags the instruments of the band were standing next to the bar. It really felt a bit like in a living room. According to this the sound probably wasn’t perfect, just wasn’t a typical concert location. But in the very crowded location was a good and very happy atmosphere. Not least because Even You did infect everyone with their energy from the very first song on. And with each concert I see, I see the progress of the band – more self-confidence, more certitude and of course every further experience in their instruments. It’s great fun to follow the developement of a band from the beginning.

I met many known, was happy in the end that I went. A relaxing evening with good music and nice people is just the best.


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