Eventtip: Josh Kumra back in Switzerland

Have you been to the OneRepublic concert in 2013, when Josh Kumra was support act? Then I don’t have to tell you much about anymore. For everyone else:

Josh Kumra is a British singer/songwriter, I heard about for the first time, when he was support act for OneRepublic in April 2013. I was immediately thrilled. He played as warm up for the world stars some of his album “Good things come to those who don’t wait”, that had been released in May after. They are wonderful, melodic songs like “Answer”, “Don’t Go” or “Waiting For You”. Whilst he’s barely known here yet, back at home he could celebrate some great successes.

And wow, I barely believed that I’d ever see him back in Switzerland again. Now he’s coming for three concerts:

Thurs, 16.02.2017 – Nordportal, Baden
Fri, 17.02.2017 – Gare de Lion, Wil
Sat, 18.02.2017 – Soho Club, Wangen a. d. Aare

Have a listen, go see him. I sure can’t wait for it.

Tickets are available at Starticket.

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