Facing Canyons Tour: Bastian Baker in Zurich

Bastian Baker celebrated the final of his Facing Canyons Tour at Xtra in Zurich and thanks to Mainland Music I was there too.

The first ones were already queuing before 2 pm and spent the afternoon in front of the location to a front spot. It’s due to the weekday after all… I wasn’t there that early. Some friends prefered to go up on the balcony then… me definitively not. The atmosphere in front of the stage is generally simply better and there was still enough space in the front rows for a long time. The Xtra wasn’t completely sold out. With a capacity of 2000 visitors it’s quite a bit bigger than Kofmehl in Solothurn or Bierhübeli in Bern though, where I had seen the actual show before. I was curious how it was going to be at Xtra. Referred to reports it didn’t work out to get into the crowd last time they played in Zurich. The fans were too crazy. If it was going to work out this time and if Bastian was risking it at all?

About half an hour later than actually expected, Bastian’s voice could be heard: Also at Xtra Robert Francis was there as support and got announced by him personally. Already with the second song it was clear – Martin and his violin were missing. Where was Martin? It was nice to listen only to Robert alone, but with the violin at the last concerts his band made had given the whole thing some extras, made the songs more special and energetic.
Even in Zurich many were wondering, who Robert Francis was at all and most experienced this aha-Moment, when he played his Hit “Junebug”, that was played on our Radios years ago up and down. towards the end a fan in front row asked after all: Martin had to fly back to France, was the answer. And shortly after Robert somehow ended his set very abrupt. We kept teasing the questioner that she had offended and chased away with. That he didn’t feel like playing any more. Well, we certainly hope this wasn’t the reason…

Bastian and the band played the same setlist again as in Bern. The vibes at Xtra were good – also accompained by loads of cheering and screeming. And esp. on stage they were in a good mood: The band was very hyper and messing around the whole time. It’s what they always do, but in Zurich they seemed to have espcially loads of fun. Battles between bass player and guitar Player, in the right corner keyboard player and background singer were mucking around and Joris put the fan present, a plush mouse, on his guitare… and Bastian? He sat down behind the piano in an imaginary tailcoat, kept joking and flirting with the audience, his stories and tellings he knew to embellish and overact. There he got some more pitiful “Ohhs” and laughters. Just everything even crazier than t the other two concerts.

And yes, he did it: Bastian jumped in Zurich during “I Want You” finally into the audience and against expectaion it worked out even well. And for “Never In Your Town” he went up on the balcony to heat up the audience from there.

Next to all the Messing around the band played a beautiful concert, charmed the audience with thier lovely Songs and properly heated up the Xtra with the new as well as older titles.

Die Setlist:
1. We Are The Ones (#FF)
2. Everything We Do
3. Lucky
4. Tomorrow May Not Be Better
5. White Room
6. I Want You

7. Leaving Tomorrow
8. With You Gone

9. Colorful Hospital
10. Prime
11. Ain’t No Love
12. Planned it All (Piano)
13. Never in Your Town
14. Two Thousand Years
15. Kids Off The Streets
16. Give Me Your Heart
17. Charlie From Sydney
18. Tattoo On My Brain
19. 79 Clinton Street
20. Dirty Thirty

21. I’d Sing For You

I am really super thrilled of the “Facing Canyouns Tour”. The same named Album “Facing Canyons” is a great and wonderful Album, which Bastian and the band present to their audience in a fantastic way. All three concerts, I’ve seen during this first part of the Facing Canyons tour, were top. Though I’ve got to say, even though we were entertained so well in Zurich and had loads of fun, the concert at Bierhübeli Bern was still the best. Generally in Bern everything with is was right: The location, the light, the band, the music, the atmosphere in the audience, the general feeling.

Have you been to Facing Canyons Tour? Where? And how did you like it?

The tour of course continues – across the world – and latest in summer Bastian Baker and his band will be back in the country for the festivals. The dates you can find on www.bastianbaker.com or on Facebook.
Infos about Robert Francis are on www.robertfrancismusic.com

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Youtube-Playlist: Bastian Baker in concert
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