From Kid in Bern

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I was looking forward to this concert for a long time. The Grison duo From Kid came back to Bern. I am so thrilled by them since I have discovered them in spring.

Cafe Einstein in Bern’s old town isn’t big, for concerts there’s not so much space. So Andrin and Gian Reto came to the by playlive#Bern organised event without bass player and drummer. Their concert simply consisted of keyboards/synthesizers, guitar and their harmonic voices. Beautiful!

When I entered the cafe, the two of them were still soundchecking. It was loud, people were chatting, cutlery and crockery chinking, glasses clanking. The food looked good. I got hold of a stool, treated myself with a latte macchiato before the concert. The small location was crammed then – the two of them were standing in their corner surrounded by the audience.

At the beginning they had some technical problems, but they were quickly solved. Of course this always happens, when you need it the least 😉 But From Kid want to decelerate with their music, make the hectic daily grind a bit less stressfull, so the audience could already be more patience 😉 The duo really radiates this calmness, bringing balance with their music. The audience was listening. Just pause a moment, being charmed. They took you with their songs as “Underground”, “Colors” or “Come in” in a whole different world. It was wonderful in this small, intimate surrounding.

Thir album You Can Have All The Wonders (I already just love the title) will now final be released at the end of January! Then they’ll be of for a big Switzerland/Germany tour 🙂 At least one or two concerts I hopefully will see as well and can definitively recommend to you to go and see them.


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