George Michael in Dublin

Act: George Michael
Event: “25” Live-Tour
Date: 06.06.2007
Place: RDS Arena, IRL-Dublin

Oh wait. I remember seeing George Michael live. How could I forget that? Because it was really great.

It was during my time in Ireland when he also played in Dublin on his “25” tour. A friend and I drove to the RDS Arena, just to see what’s going on. We thought maybe we could get a cheap ticket. As we have already managed for other shows.

So we walked around the arena and soon found someone who sold us 2 seats for about 20 euros. I think they were worth 150 euros or so. We did not care what places we had, because we just wanted to go in and for 20 Euro you can not say anything. ^^

It was a pleasant evening and so we tried somehow to get through the crowd and find our seats. The funny thing was: there were no seats. At least not ours. We asked one of the securities and learned that they did not have had enough chairs to put up all the seats. We should just sit down at one of the free seats. As a result, we had to change 1-2 times as the audience arrived after all, but eventually we could sit and enjoy the show.

It was a pretty big catwalk and even if we sat far away, we could see enough. It had a huge scaffold along the back wall that George Michael and the backing singers could get up to.

He ran from one side to the other side of the stage all the time. It was incredible to see the crowd celebrate his songs, especially with hits like “Freedom”. This haunted me for days.

The setlist looked like this according to

  1. Waiting (Reprise)
  2. Fast Love
  3. Too Funky
  4. Father Figure
  5. Everything she wants
  6. Flawless (Go To The City)
  7. My Mother Had A Brother
  8. Praying For Time
  9. Star People
  10. Shoot The Dog
  11. Outside
  12. Spinning The Wheel
  13. Freedom 90
  14. Idol (Elton John Cover)
  15. Jesus To A Child
  16. Faith
  17. I’m Your Man
  18. Amazing
  19. The Edge Of Heavenencore:
  20. Carless Whisper

Unfortunately we had to leave a little earlier so we could get the bus home. But we had a lot of fun.

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