Gregor Meyle at Kaufleuten Zurich

In time at 8pm Gregor Meyle and the band had entered the Kaufleuten stage for their only Swiss concert. They had been there before and were happy to be able to perform in this beautiful club again. Whilst the band got into position, Gregor Meyle greeted the audience with a fake Swiss accent: They only had 2 hours and had get going. So they started the evening with “Solange ich dran glaub”.

10 years of success in the music business

Gregor Meyle had definitely believed in himself the last few years and had not only advanced his music career. He’s got a new album, that he personally thinks is quite good, he grinned. With his 40th birthday this year, he looks back on his life with his 6th studio album “Hätt auch anders kommen” (could’ve come differently).

Since 10 years he is now successfully on the road with his music. His career had taken a turn with his participation in Stefan Raab’s casting show SSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD. As Stefanie Heizmann won the show and started off right away, Gregor didn’t climb as steeply with the second place. But he still went his musical way step by step. Shortly afterwards he released his 1st album “So soll es sein” and later even founded his own record company.

Especially the success of the VOX show “Sing meine Song” had an effect on his own success. Not only in Germany his albums and singles reached top positions. He didn’t have any hits, Gregor mentioned already at the beginning, but songs like “Aus ganzem Herzen” or “Du bist das Licht” were well received. That’s why they played them right at the beginning and not only at the end, like you would do with hits otherwise.

From “Sing meine Song” Gregor had also had nicked most of his eight-piece band: Apart from Massimo Buonanno on the drums, Sebastian Flach on the double bass and Christian Herzberg on the violin, the whole group can be found at “Sing meinen Song”. Among them singer Laura Bellon as the only woman: She has her own clothes area in the tour bus and Shopping Queen is on the program, the musician told. Gregor let the pride for his band be seen through again and again by paying homage and honoring them. Gregor kept introducing them, reminisced with them and celebrated their solos.

Gregor Meyle celebrates life

Gregor Meyle and his band celebrated life in this varied two-hour programme. Once with rhythmic Cuban sounds to “Ich arbeite daran”. Then some reggae during “Kriegs schon irgendwie hin”, where Johannes even had a short rap part. Even country music wasn’t missing: “Irgendwann” was a High German word, but we would manage it, he encouraged to sing along.

Gregor and the band celebrate life with all its ups and downs – from birth to death. We have all the same fate at the end. The best thing about life is that nobody knows when it will end. But “das schönste auf der Welt” (most beautiful thing in the world) had already been the birth of his daughter. However, he was glad that it was not the men who had the children, because otherwise humanity would certainly have died out already. Once again Gregor moved the attentive audience with wonderful stories from his life and from his own experiences. With his music he hit right into the hearts. You imagined figuratively how he had got his 3 minute old daughter into his arms and sang one song after the other to her. Honest, authentic and with a lot of humour he shared his life story with us.

Throughout the entire concert, goose bumps were created, for example when “Die Chance” was introduced under weak light with a flute intro. Christian played the violin to “Flieg jetzt los”, or as a trio with Gregor and Andreas to “Keine ist wie du”. An additional highlight was when Gregor sat down at the piano for the first encore and remembered his deceased mum with “Stolz auf uns”. He was convinced that he would see her again sometime. Up in heaven, where she probably constantly forced his dear friend Roger Cicero to sing “Something stupid” in a duet with her. And where he would probably have to tune his guitar just as often as here.

Could’ve come differently

Already a bit under time pressure, because the party people were waiting at the door, Gregor asked the audience for the very last encore to put the mobile phones away and just enjoy the last song. Together with the whole band Gregor stood in the middle of the audience. Roger from the audience used a quiet moment then and interrupted the band shortly before the last song to propose to his Tanja in the middle of the crowd. There was once more magic in the air when Gregor put the two into the middle and the engagement was sealed with the acoustic version of “Dann bin ich zuhaus”.

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