Gregor Meyle in Zurich – concert postponed

Thanks to ZKB and AllBlues Konzerte me and my friend sat in Volkshaus Zurich and waited for Gregor Meyle. The concert didn’t turn out as expected. But at least we already know, what a great band Gregor Meyle is on tour with.

Chatting we were sitting on our seats and kept peering on our watches. It was a few minutes past 8 pm. How much delay may they have? It’s when I spoted already Gregor’s drummer Massimo Buonanno (also known from Seven’s band), who didn’t sit down behind the drums, but followed by the rest of the band set himself in a row on stage. Uh oh, it was clear, that couldn’t mean anything good. And Gregor Meyle confirmed then personally: As sorry as he was, he had to cancel and postpone the concert. With a heavy heart he explained to the audience hearable, that he was sick and even they had tried everything, he even got infusions, it was impossible for him to perform.

Many probably know Gregor Meyle from the VOX show “Sing meinen Song – das Tauschkonzert”. Maybe you’ve even watched his own show “Meylensteine”. You could know the German musician of course a lot longer from TV: At the end of 2007 he actually came second after Stefanie Heinzmann at Stefan Raab’s casting show „SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD“. Did Stefanie Heinzmann become known super fast with it and is well known in the music business, it took a few years longer for Gregor to make a name for himself here as well. But as you can see, he made his way and is recently touring with his band and the new studio album (I believe it’s his fifth) “Leichtigkeit des Seins” through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

 Yes, of course we were a little disappointed. After all some had a longer journey. I left work 1 hour early and had a 2 hour train journey to Zurich to see the concert. But health definitively goes first! Differently than expected, we haven’t simply been sent home. His band stayed and spontaniously played without Gregor an about 1 hour concert.

First his background singer Laura Bellon, who has released an own EP recently, sang some own songs. After guitar player Markus Vollmer sat down, playing his songs. We changed our seats then to go down into the standing area. We actually couldn’t really see all the musicians from our seats. For the final the band played together a blues then. That’s what musician would do, if their repertoire ran out, Markus was joking. And so they played all together a concert for about 1 hour as a small compensation and comfort, so the audience hadn’t come to Zurich in vain.

So the evening didn’t go as planned, but it turned out really great. What a fabulous band. Fantastic, that they played for the audience at all and not just put us off to the alternative date. Of course they were there anyway, but the least would have done that.

Now I hope of course, that the alternate date will suit me. Well, I will make it fit.

Addition: The replacement concert takes place on Thursday, 12.01.2016 at Volkshaus Zurich. The tickets stay valid. Infos on AllBlues Konzerte .


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