Gregor Meyle in Zurich

“Alles wird gut” (everything is going to be good) Gregor Meyle was singing in the first song, they started the concert with at Volkshaus Zurich. And it was: AFter the German musician came on the same s tage last December and had to postpone his concert with heavy heart due to illness (I told you about here: Gregor Meyle in Zurich – concert postponed), he was still coughing a little after four weeks, but played with his 9 members band on this Thursday evening an absolutely fantastic 2 hours replacement concert. It was more than worth to do the long train journey to Zurich again.

But from about 7.30 on Laura Bellon, singer of Gregor Meyle, played some of her own songs with a part of the band. She already had played some in December and so I could remember the one or other one. But with the new year she also brought even a new song for her 20min performance. This time she didn’t have to worry something might not work out. They obviously had prepeared for the performance now.

After a 5-10 mins break Gregor Meyle finally entered the stage with his band shortly after 8pm, beaming all over the face. I was so curious. I generally didn’t know what to expect. I knew Gregor Meyle mainly from a few TV shows. How his music actually sounded and how his concert would proceed, I had not idea so far. Gregor snitched away the band from the first “Sing meinen Song” season, before they might have gone on Tour with Nena, mentioned jokingly during the concert. And oh yes, there he swiped an incredible talented band, in which the most members kept switching between several instruments during the show and impressed with great solos. Violins, guitars, mandonline, trumpet, clarinet, whistles, accordeon… you almost lost it over the many instruments. It reminded me of The Kelly Family or The Lumineers. And oh yes, you clearly could see that Gregor Meyle was so much better than last month. Instead there was a replacement for the trumpet player though, who was ill this time.

As a second the title song of Gregor’s actual album “Die Leichtigkeit des Seins” (The ease of being) already was played. The title, the song, was so wonderfully suitable for the whole concert. The concert, Gregor Meyle’s music let you feel easy. The concert was totally something for the soul, as one of the spectactors so wonderfully described. Gregor seemed absolutely happy he know could make up the concert.  And how he found out with a short survey during the concert, most had returned. Well, my company from December is on holidays at the moment and couldn’t join. And new company cancelled at short notice the night before…. But you know, I also go to concerts on my own. To find another company then… I rather made it easy for me. Gregor’s joy transfered totally to the audience. The atmosphere at Volkshaus was fantastic and totally great. So this unique evening I absolutely wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

Whilst Gregor and the band deeply touch you with songs as “Hier spricht dein Herz”, “Flieg jetzt los” oder “die Tapfere” (the latter Gregor wrote for a sick family member) on the one side, they are also great entertainers on the other. Gregor kept joking with the band, and they happily joined the nonsense. With drummer Massimo he kept talking italian or with an italian accent and brought out all the best known stereotypes. At some point he was laughing then concerend, whether his voice hopefully won’t stay like this, but the accent will disappear again. He kept talking to the audience, sometimes directly to single persons. He kept teasing the people on the balcony with making them to stand up from their seats or sit down again – depending on what suited better the songs. And to get up sometimes was good against thromposis after all. He held the in Germany “union-regulated 8 mins animation”, in which he had people clicking fingers, swinging arms in Helen Fischer style and of course made them sing. So either I had wet eyes cos of being touched or I was almost crying of laughter. It ressembled sometimes a little a comedy show. It was fabulous!

Next to catchy popsongs there was a more jazzy songs like “Wunder” with a grat drum solo of Massimo inbetween. In titles as “Pack dein Scheiss” or “Niemand” were irish sounds. They played songs that suddnedly sounded somehow like Rednex’ “Cotton Eye Joe” and “Keine Macht den Pessimissten” went over into a Greek Sirtaki dance. Of course the audience had to dance along. A super variable musical programme. And when Gregor kept telling things inbetween songs, it never seemed too much. It was exciting, interesting and funny to listen to him. And he also kept introducing his band members several times.

Of course the audience wouldn’t let the band go without any encore. So Gregor returned with all the musicians and first played the more quite “Mann im Mond”. Street concerts they played for refugees had inspired him to the song. He kept calling on humanity and altruism, highlighted how well we have it in Europe. It became a littler wilder after again, before Gergor and the band played accusticly “Dann bin ich zuhaus” in the middle of the audience.

That’s how concerts are fun, that’s how concerts should be: 2 hours of wonderful, outstanding music and best entertainment. And you could keep listening forever. You laugh, cry and are overwhelmed. In the end you go home on an absolute high, all the expectations more than outperformed. Each factor fullfilled. Gregor’s concert reminded me a lot of the Kelly concerts: Well, these are concerts, after at least I have to remind myself that not every concert is able to fullfill this.

The concert was over shortly after 10 pm. I still could grab the album at the merch and then catch my last train without any stress. In summer Gregor hopes to play some openair concerts in Switzerland. So keep the eyes out for dates.

On my Youtube channel you can find some videos. Infos about Gregor Meyle or Laura Bellon you can find on their official websites.


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