Gustav in Oberhofen

When Gustav is coming to the neighbour village, I sure have to go. And my last concert of him was too long ago anyway. So this suited perfectly. And actually I had written down the date into my calendar ages ago, but only the poster at the bus stop in front of my doorsteps, reminded me.

So quickly reserving one of the very last tickets. Five minutes tavelling by bike – probably never had this before. Even the Cholererock is a little further away. So, yeah, I first had to google where this concert location, the Klösterli, was at all. Even it is closeby, I don’t really know Oberhofen well. It reminded me a little of the Uptwon on Gurten, just smaller. And so I sat there, half an hour before the concert started and feeling like at a village meeting. Everyone seemed to know everyone and I was a total outsider. But everyone in the 250 capacity location was so excited and seemed to be very much looking forward to Gustav. The audience was very mixed. My expectations of audience and atmosphere weren’t that high so. Just quitely, cozily sitting there and listening to the band.

The concert was super entertaining. It was already kind of a mix of concert and comedy. Sat there the whole evening giggling. And yes, Gustav makes people joining in anyway. Nothing like just sitting there and listening. And in Oberhofen some joined in more, others less. But in the end it worked out pretty well. He played in a trio with keyboards / accordeon player as well as bass player. As known, Gustav playes his songs in Swiss German, German and French. Already after the first 2-3 songs, which were all in French, he realized that the audience had difficulties with this language. So he started quickly some French lessons. Would he have been my teacher back then, I sure would have understood this language better?!

Even he had a setlist with him on stage, I realised in the end that it was more of a reminder and he played his songs more crisscross through the programme. Among others it was “Bout du monde”, “Gegen Süden”, “Lundi Matin”, “Häppörischnittä”, “Gin” and “Happy Birthday”. And inbetween there was a short break, when you could get some coffee & cake, drinks and sandwiches.

It wasn’t his first concert in Oberhofen. Ages ago he had played in a multi-purpose hall with great view on the mountains. Or he was support act of Polo Hofer at the outdoor swimming pool. He told about his new, ninth album, he is working on and should be released this summer. And he promised to return to the area soon. It will be in summer at a small festival in Thun. He didn’t mention any names, but we don’t have that many festivals here. And I’d reserve the last two July weeks, if you’d want to see him 😉

After about 1,5 hours the concert ended and because it had started rather early, I was already at home by 10 pm. A very strange feeling. Haha.

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