Halunke album release in Lyss

After their album “Superheld” was released at the end of August, Halunke celebrated on this Saturday their album release at Kufa Lyss. I admit, first it didn’t really feel like an album release party. I had the album at home for long already and have heard the songs often. Some also have been part of the EP came ahead of it in 2016. You quickly realized though that this was a special event and not just a “normal” tour concert.

The atmosphere was already very nice prior to the concert in the foyer. The merchandising stand was ready, table soccer was actively in use and everyone seemed relaxed and jolly. You haven’t met this many familiar people in the crowd in a while. Besides there was a guest announced, we have been waiting for, for a very, very long time and were looking forward to.

The songs of the new album were clearly in the focus on this evening. The 8 member band started the concert with “Easy” in front of an audience that obviously didn’t see the Bachelor as a worthy alternative to a concert evening and so appeared numerously at the Seeland concert location.

At the beginning front guy Häni somehow didn’t seem as talkative as before, what changed during the course of the evening though. He had the one or other story to tell after all. For instance about days that were, differently to the song “Mi Tag” – my favourite, not always going too well.

But this evening everything went well. And after a handful of Superheld songs the announced guest already joined: It was no other but Patent Ochsner frontman Büne Huber. We have been waiting for Büne Huber at many many concerts before. Halunke kept excusing his absence. Obviously on this evening there was no Gummiboum meeting nor had he to play own concerts 😉

So Büne Huber and Häni finally met for the live premiere of “Schiffbruch”. Definitively a highlight of the evening. This was not the only song together though. Büne also stayed for the wonderful Patent Ochsner Hit “Ludmilla”.

In the middle of the concert there was a small ceremony, Häni took Büne back on stage for again. Therefor the album wasn’t sprinkled with champagne as seen with other bands. The album was just too good for doing so. There were thank yous, the band and Büne kept cheering and raising their glasses on the album, before a lucky concert visitor received the Superheld vinyl instead.

With a small scene change my second highlight followed: Frontman Häni placed himself together with singer Anja and bass player Maso into the middle of the audience to play some songs acoustically. That means Häni and Anja even stayed a little longer surrounded by the audience for a duet.

The audience was listening attentively and quietly. Generally everyone was listening very closely throughout the whole concert and was partly quiet as a mouse in the right moments. Most even had their phones put away as Häni noticed a little earlier. This was quite unusual, but the musician and probably even the audience valued it even more.

Back on stage Matt on the drums and bass player Maso on a drum did a drum battle in-between the songs. And also the other musicians kept playing solos. Throughout the whole concert everyone was singing along, wildly dancing and laughing a lot.

It was again a super evening with a great live band.

Who wants to see Halunke live as well got several more chances this year. All the concert dates you can find on www.halunkeonline.ch.


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