Hecht at Bierhubeli Bern

I expected that the Hecht concert at Bierhubeli would be better than the one at Mokka last March. But what happened this Sunday evening made you a bit speechless – and not only because you were completely exhausted at show end 😉

Kaufmann kicked off the evening

Kaufmann kicked off the evening for Hecht. The Chur musician by choice, in a duo with guitars and harmonica, did have the not so easy task to get the Bernese audience into the mood for Hecht. It is quite possible that you already heard his song “Lisa” on the radio. However, they did not seem to convince and fit very well with their peculiar lyrics and too quiet music.

The breakthrough on the Bernese domestic hill

If you ask Hecht, when and where the breakthrough happened, they are absolutely in agreement: Gurtenfestival 2016. From then on, Hecht went steeply to the top. Deserved! With funny, but also touching lyrics, catchy melodies and great live energy, they have always been thrilling their audience. From then on, this obviously spread like a wildfire.

With their latest, third album “Oh Boy!”, that was released a month ago, their concerts were sold out even before the tour started. And these are not just small concert venues like the Mokka in Thun, where they celebrated their tour start. Locations like Schüür in Lucerne or Bierhübeli Bern are double sold out. Even for the Volkshaus Zurich, there are no more tickets available in advance.

Warm up

The band opened their concert with the new “Erscht Tag vo mim Läbä” and brought some Hollywood to Bern with “Kingsize”. The new third album is still typical Hecht. But it sounds much more mature. I am again total enthusiastic about their lyrics.

With “Wenn dSunne chonnt” from the last album they continued. Until then, it was obviously just the warm-up. From there it properly started. Hecht let the audience, as already on the last tour, form a ditch through Bierhübeli back to the mixing table. Surrounded and cheered by the concert visitors,  they performed their “Gymnastique” choreo from the music video in the middle of the action. Jumping and going crazy was already very welcome at the time.


There were quieter phases in between. The band also needed a break. They were about a handful of such moments:

During “Stockholm” Hecht sat down on the stage platforms with only a few headlights on them. That really made your heart beat. Another highlight was when Chris on the drums and Phil on the bass stayed back on stage, while the other three for “Klavier + Bier” climbed a small platform at the back in front of the mixing table. Mobile phones and lighters let the Bierhübeli shine in a sea of lights. So nice.

Also my new favorite Hecht song, the kitschy-beautiful “Locherguet”, is one of the quiet parts of the concert. Based on Dr. Arthur Aron’s theory the band asks if two strangers can fall in love with just 36 questions?

This category included “Heicho” and “Verlore am Meer” as well.

Totally our thing

Otherwise, all the hell was let loose. During “Radio Beromünster” Stefan let everyone make a moshpit (… okay, I do not like making moschpits, everyone else obviously does :P). During”Fiji” keyboarder Gisi started his crazy solo on the balcony, brought it one floor down and let himself bring back to the stage by crowdsurfing. The pink jackets at “Kawasaki” could not be missed and so the concert visitors were absolutely united: This is totally our thing!

There was even a live premiere between all the newly played songs. Although Hecht already played most songs on tour from the new album “Oh Boy!”, they were always asked about “Sonesweichshärz”. That evening at Bierhübeli they finally fulfilled the wish of many.

Frontman Stefan did also dare a stage dive then to the album title song “Oh Boy!” and “Charlotta” was loudly requested before the first note was even played.

Where do they get the energy from?

It’s the fourth consecutive Hecht concert this week and you just keep wondering: Where on earth do they take this energy from? I was already totally done after half of the concert. In the meantime the band was amazed, that the last concert on Sunday evening was the wildest.

The difference to the Mokka concert was visible and audible. Sure, Bierhübeli got more possibilities and the band was well-rehearsed shortly before the tour ended. The changeovers were more fluent and at the end Hecht did not leave the stage again. They went straight to “Tanze Tanze”. This in a beautiful acappella version.

Hecht prove once again on this tour: They are one of the best Swiss live bands. It was insanely fun.











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