Hecht at Plaza Zurich

A severe weekend was ahead of me… hehe. Been at the neighbour village at Gustav’s the day before, I was on the way to Plaza in Zurich on this Friday evening. The Plaza is one of my favourite locations. Small, nice and the atmosphere is always good too. And the with colorful birds painted walls of the location are so beautiful, you can stare at them for hours. We did stare definitively more at the stage though, because Hecht played their biggest club concert so far on this evening.

When I arrived, they just moved the long crowd queue in front of the club around the corner, into the back of the house, so they wouldn’t block the road. Oh well, to queue so far in the back is annoying. But it just didn’t work out to be there earlier. Work and so on. You know how it is. Well, even it felt like forever, I was actually through ticket control and in the location quite quickly. First passing the merch stand and getting one of these cool, new t-shirts as well as a gym bag. The queue inside was as long as. But it showed, that the queue didn’t go into the concert hall, no they all indeed were queuing for the wardrobe. So I squeezed past the crowd and was almost a little shocked for the moment: The concert hall was still so totally empty and I found my spot in front of the stage almost too easily. A friend has been waiting for concert start already too.

Hecht urgently need different support acts! I already didn’t really like the support at Bogen F. Max Max Urban im PlazaUrban & ZeDe were support at Plaza. This Max really had an incredible voice, really, BUT: First I didn’t really like this Swiss German R’n’B and second it felt rather like a karaoke event. Would you put the singer together with a great band and with some really good R’n’B songs, then you could make so much more out of it?! Instead their only pushing buttons… Their additional rap mate didn’t really make anything better either. And then their Mani Matter cover of “Hemmige”, followed, that I already had cursed in the afternoon on SRF3. I am pretty sure, I wasn’t the only one thinking like that… well…

Good Hecht were playing after! Hecht, a really great dialect pop band, with songs made of funny, creative lyrics. Some of them are super beautiful and romantic as well though. Additionally intoxicating melodies and always loads of action on stage. In colorful shirts and shoes they know how to thrill and entertain the audience. They let their fans and spectactors dance, sing and party along. And since their actual album “Adam + Eva”, they started their spring tour with, even more. Yes, spring makes everything new and so with Chris Filter, who I know from Tobey Lucas, there’s a new drummer with them. Rolf left even before the spring tour had started. Yeah, my poor fan heart! It’s quite suffering the last months with all the band member changes everywhere…

Hecht started with “Alti Songs” from the actual album and played a great mix out of it as well as of their in 2012 released debut “Wer zerscht zMeer gseht”. With “Tänzer”, “Weder Mol chli dra”, “Sansibar” [Video here], “Brissago” or also the new “Fiji” the quintet rocked the Plaza. There was a great atmosphere from the beginning that increased with each song even more. Esp. when the five of them started “Gymnatique” and Stefan, Gisi, Phil and Chrigu jumped into the audience towarrds the end of the song to perform their choreography. They got loads of cheering and were much celebrated.

The “Zebra” [Video here] was chased, there were wild solos – esp. by keyboard player Gisi – and therefor was – differently than in “Brissago” – a clear “oh yeah!” for Hecht.
For “Wenn dSonne chond” [Video here] they got this time with Jasmin and Jan even two spectactors to support them on stage on tambourine. After the last song “Adam + Eva” the crowd was losing it and got the band back for an encore full-throated. Everyone wanted to listen to “Charlotta” and suddendly the audience did even hunker down because of it – but it didn’t help. Hecht let their fans wait for “Charlotta” a little longer.

With “Hus uf Sand” they started their encore round first nicely quite and romantic. The disco ball let the light dance around in the whole room and the location glitter. Oh well, thinking that the song only made it on the album very tightly… With my favourite “See springe” a little summer was already taken into the Plaza – and then finally “Charlotta”. So in the end it was all happening there! But the terrific concert only completely ended after everyone was shaking their booties one more time during “Tanze Tanze”.

A bombastic evening! And if you get the chance, go and listen to my ‘favourite fishes’. On www.hechtimnetz.ch you can find the last spring tour dates and the festivals are coming for sure…!

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