Herbert Grönemeyer at Stade de Suisse Bern

Everyone knowing me, knows that being at a concert two hours after doors opening, is rather unusual for me. Arriving with a friend and her mother I was nervously wondering: Would I still get a good spot? There’s nothing worse not to see enough at a concert. I could stay home then, watching it on DVD.

Getting food and drinks first, I discovered the cool merchandise cups they sold. There were green cups with a Grönemeyer writing on it and I got one with a Grönemeyer picture as well. Actually quite surprising that I survived the show without going to the toilette, as I drank so much ice tea. Esp. as the show would be going on forever…

Norman Sinn is kicking off the night

Norman Sinn, a German musician and rapper from Erfurt, was kicking off the night. The band wasn’t  bad, but probably won’t become one of my favourites. Last year he had taken part at Bundesvision Song Contest together with Ryo and the song “Planlos”. They became 6th.

Right time, right place

Suddenly security guys seemed to let people into the golden circle.  So we got an incredibly great spot in the golden circle with our normal standing tickets. They obviously hadn’t sold enough tickets. I have heard that they had only sold around 27’000 tickets. So yes, it was far from being sold out.

It was about 8.30 pm when Herbert Grönemeyer finally entered stage and started his show with the song “Schiffsverkehr”. It seemed as it was about to start lashing down, but there were only a few big drops. As soon as it had started, it luckily stopped already. Grönemeyer was standing there in his black jeans, black shirt and grey jacket as well as red/orange trainers, played his guitar, was accompanied by his band and three background singer.

They continued with “Kreuz meinen Weg” and right after one of my favorite songs “Fenrweh” followed. Hit after hit was played and esp. with his 17th song “Mensch” everyone was under his spell. The way he spoke, sang, performed and danced, played his instruments – what a talented guy. And I knew, after I had met him few weeks before at the SF studios, he sure seemed different than I always had imagined him to be. He’s just totally cool. I was overwhelmed.

3 hours and no end in sight

If you think that he stopped after “Flugzeuge im Bauch”, as 23 songs seemed to be already so many already, you are wrong. He seemed not wanting to stop and we already thought, he’d go on forever. One encore after the other followed and each time it seemed he’d leave the stage now, it was finished, he came back and added another song.

After more than 3 hours the show came to an end after all. But you still had the impression that he could have gone on even longer. 32 songs he had played during his show. Everyone not having been there, missed an incredible, unforgettable and great show.

Thanks, Herbert “Gröni” Grönemeyer! Thanks!

Infos about Herbert Grönemeyer you can find here:  www.groenemeyer.de

Setlist (no guarantee):

  1. Schiffsverkehr
  2. Kreuz meinen Weg
  3. Fernweh
  4. Halt mich
  5. Bochum
  6. Musik nur, wenn sie laut ist
  7. Stück vom Himmel
  8. Deine Zeit
  9. Zu dir
  10. Männer
  11. Was soll das
  12. Der Weg
  13. Auf dem Feld
  14. Kopf hoch, tanzen
  15. Wäre ich einfach nur feige
  16. Alkohol
  17. Mensch
  18. Bleibt alles anders
  19. Zum MeerZUGABE
  20. Land unter
  21. Demo (letzter Tag)
  22. Zeit, dass sich was drehtZUGABE 2
  23. Flugzeuge im Bauch
  24. Glück
  25. So wie ichZUGABE 3
  26. November
  27. Lass es uns nicht regnen
  28. Vollmond
  29. Unfassbarer Grund
  30. MamboZUGABE 4
  31. Moccaaugen
  32. Bloss geliebt (Tour-Premiere)
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