How are you doing this, this many concerts?

“How are you doing this, to go to so many concerts?”

People keep asking me this. I am often not too sure how they mean it. Financially? Time? Others already asked me, where I got the engergy from. Okay, I try to sum this up.

Where do I get the energy from?
This much with it: I love concerts. The Music. Musicians. Lyrics, which touch. Lyrics, which seem to be written for you. For every moment, for every life situation there are any. I totally love to support this and it’s incredibly nice and interessting to see the way and the developement of these musicians. For example Bastian Baker, 77 Bombay Street, Pegasus and Trauffer, where I’ve seen this. Then there’s the travelling. You see and go to places, which you probably would never see. Meeting people and getting to know them. Often there are the same people. I experience so much. The whole impressions. Positive as negative ones. From each one I take something with me. There’s always something happening. It’s never boring. This gives me so much. It’s so much fun. And there comes obviously this energy to continue all the time and never wanting to stop. My hobby, my passion, my addiction, my everything. Or however you want to call it. O course, there are time’s I’m coming to a point as well, where I realize that it maybe I wanted to do too much. Then there I simply stay at home on a Saturday evening or in bed on a Sunday morning, instead of going somewhere direction Zurich or to any charity soccer game with show.

It’s as simple as this: I spend most of my salery on concerts. At the moment I don’t really go for holidays or don’t make bigger investments. My salary is spent on concerttickets. My holidays usually end being concert holidays. If there’s any concert, we’ll make a city trip with it – Dublin, Paris, Milan… And as many probably have seen, I quite often win the one or other concert ticket – touch wood or so, it may stay this way. And you really don’t need to ask me, how I am doing this. I am often speechless myself. I just keep taking part in as many competitions as possible. It’s also said “….lucky at cards…” and so on. Or maybe there’s really this concert god? And then there are just these people, which are simply incredibly generous and nice. And no, I don’t have infinite funds. I sure get to my limits.

I work from Mo – Fr at an office. Most of my holidays I use for concerts and festivals. And for the mentioned city and concert trips. I am sure lucky that I can take some time off at short notice. During the week it’s sure more difficicult as I rely on public transport and e.g. got to take my last train from Zurich at 11pm. But it usually works out somehow.

So, that’s the way it kinda goes. Any more questions?

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