Jack Slamer at Thunfest

The city was completely crowded. I only really realized this when I moved away from Rathausplatz. The Giant Ferris Wheel rose from the Mühliplatz to the sky, glittering and colourful. It was a challenge to get past it through all the masses to get to the Waisenhausplatz stage. Of course, it was only afterwards that I realized that the small “detour” directly over the bridge through the Bälliz would have been so much faster in this case. Doh!

I didn’t know how Jack Slamer sounded anymore. But as soon as I read the name in the program, it was clear that I wanted to listen to them at least briefly. Why actually? I think I’d heard about the band on SRF3 before. And at the rock band’s concert, the vibes seemed to be already great after the first few songs. They were celebrated extensively by their audience.

Jack Slamer are frontman Florian Ganz, Cyrill Vollenweider (guitar), Marco Hostettler (guitar), Hendrik Ruhwinkel (bass) and Adrian Böckli on drums. Not only their sound is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s or Deep Purple’s 70s rock, they also transported visually back in time. The five musicians are perfectly matched to their sound by their hairstyles and outfits.

So Jack Slamer thrilled the Thunfest audience in the late evening until the last note.

Info about Jack Slamer can be found on jackslamer.com
Info about Thunfest can be found on www.thunfest.ch


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