Jeder Rappen zählt 2016

Also this December the annual charity event “Jeder Rappen zählt” (JRZ) took part. This time again on Europaplatz in Luzern, next to the train station. The moving in took place on Sunday before Christmas and so me and some friends were there too. Nickless played on this afternoon in the freezing cold a super concert and The Souls were guest in the glassbox.

Even with the cold our hearts were warm. The atmosphere on Europaplatz in Luzern is always super nice. Out of some reasons a lot better than if it takes place in Bern. People are turning up numerously, seem so relaxed and happy, you can feel solidarity and helpfulness as well as team spirit. Well, one might maybe think sometimes, if it wouldn’t be better to spread it better through the whole year instead towards the end? But probably better than not at all.

After indulging  an ‘obligatory’ plate of barley soup by Aldi (it’s so incredibly tasty), the concert of Nickless started soon. Funny, how throught the year I barely made it to see the band and now it happens several times shortly after each other. Recently at Kufa, now on that afternoon in Luzern and then on 1st January in Interlaken at Touch The Mountains.

The intro worked out super on this Sunday. Many kids were there taking part in it. Kids, sitting on the shoulders of their parents beaming all over their faces. Little fans, who were holding up selfmade banners…. and with their catchy songs and good humour, Nickless were quickly electrifying the audience on this freezing Sunday afternoon, made everyone jump and clap along. Everyone got warmer quickly. Even though the song “Frozen” probably never suited better before. The setlist was mainly the same to the normal toursetlist.

Before the encore Michel Birri, who’s been an outdoor reporter at JRZ for a few days, was suddendly standing on stage and was giving around a JRZ tin. We only got the encore for enough donations at his or single collectors in the audience. The change was rattling in the tins and so we got two, three more encors before the 1 hour concert ended.

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We kept freezing a little more in front of the glastbox after. Because The Souls were guests. They had played on Thursday before at Valais a special concerts with (I think they were 80) pupils and donated the gains to JRZ. Unfortunately I couldn’t be at the concert myself, but judging from videos and tellings it must have been great. At 6pm they were said to perform. But it took at least another half an hour. Various projects were introduced first. One of the firefighters, who were lifting the visitors up into the hights on their ladder for donations, raised money for JRZ at several places and on various days with.

During the time in the box The Souls were livestreaming on facebook. We realized quickly though, that the facebook live stream wasn’t so much live and quite delayed. So quite some funny situations happened, when they kept gesticulation to us and we only got it some time after. But at least it shortened the waiting time. Next to two short interviews, The Souls played “Close My Eyes”. Maybe you’ve seen it yourself. Or you can even rewatch it HERE. Yes and after this the whole fun was over already.

With punsch and mulled wine we warmed up first and ate some raclette, before we went off home again. Was a great afternoon and of course JRZ continued the whole week. Though with me only in front of the radio and tv.

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