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Easter Saturday. Densley packed we were standing under our umbrellas and held out the last two hours before doors opened. It wasn’t specially warm, the rain did drip into my jacket sleeves while I was clutching at the of the wind bucket out umbrella. Actually it would have been more comfortable at the cafe of the concert Location, but what don’t you all do for your bands: We spent the easter weekend in London for the Kodaline concert at Roundhouse this evening. Front row was obligation!

Before the concert

By 4pm in comparsion we were queuing quite late though. Cos we were actually sitting at the cafe before. The first ones were sitting there already since the morning and had started giving out numbers. This fan System exists at Kodaline concerts too so. How I was told, I expected tons of fans already queuing – the UK fans were rather crazy with this – but it wasn’t like that at all! They were queuing as late as in Zurich or Dublin. Only a few were there early, the bigger part arrived around one hour before doors opened.

Originally Kodaline should have played in London, at Shepherds Bush Empire, already in December. But the roof of the Location was about to collapse and because of the repairs the concert got postponed twice. It took place at the Roundhouse then. I’ve heard about the Roundhouse because of the iTunes Festival and wished for a while to visit a concert there. Only the band, it was worth to travel there for, was missing. Kodaline, who became one of my absolutely top favourite bands in the last months, were perfect so. After looking for a while, I could get a ticket all official at the location about a week before, which was deposited at the Location. Well, well, i was so nervous because I didn’t have my ticket until 1 hour before doors opened. But everything worked out great. We even could get into the hallway about half an hour earlier and waiting in the the dry for the actual admission.

Of course there were also some ticket dealer in front of the Roundhouse trying to make their deals. You should have seen that… Someone wanted to sell a pair of spare tickets to one of these dealers. They seemed not to agree with each other at some point and this guy gave her quite a lecture about how he tried to earn his living this way after all etc. Well, should he go and get a more decent Job than this rip-off. Don’t have to feel sorry for them. Shouldn’t even deal with such guys…!

Only there I got to know that the Roundhouse with a capacity of about 1700 visitors isn’t even much bigger than the Volkshaus in Zurich (about 1600). The round location is though with its form, the pillars, the whole architecture, just beautiful and sure much more special. The picture of the Dublin concert (23’000 people) I had to forget then. It was never going to be like it was there.

The support acts

Differently than expected not All Tvvins were support act again but the Irish duo Little Hours as well as the Brits Seafret. Seafret I only got to know recently via radio SRF3 and totally fell in love with their song “Wildfire” [Video here]. Possibly you’ve also heard “Ocean” [Video here] before. To get to know shortly before Admission that I was going to hear and see exactly this song, this band, live – I was totally giddy with excitement. Both bands played rather calm, thereby I esp. liked Seafret. Both matched a lot better with Kodaline than All Tvvins. Both played each a set over about half an hour. They were lit up all in red light during their performances, what esp. the photographers of course didn’t like at all. One of them complained even directly out of the pit to Seafret. I mean, really? Of course the red light wasn’t nice and not great for taking pictures, but the band was at most confused and nothing at all changed.

Kodaline live at Roundhouse

Around 9.30 pm Kodaline finally entered stage. They started as expected with their energetic “Ready” and played during the 1,5 hour concert the usual toursetlist. They played the same as they did at the end of February in Zurich and after a bit shortened in Solothurn. Differently to the Swiss concerts they had like in Dublin also at Roundhouse the big LED Screens in the back as well as the great light show with them. Esp. when front guy Steve was standing all alone on stage during “The One”, lit up in rainbow lights, I was up in the clouds… others thought the many colors didn’t suit, I loved it. During “all I want” there were lanterns floating down on the screens… and all the memories of Dublin immediately were back. Kodaline convince with their music, their songs and don’t really need these big screens (at least not at these smaller locations) or light shows. The Irish charm their audience with their instruments and songs as “High Hopes”, “Autopilot” or “The One”. But all the visuals are sure impressive. And some songs became extra special with the two background singers, who were with them on this night as well. They already have had background singers in Dublin in December. Really awesome!

The London audience was definitively all different from the Irish. The atmosphere was not as loud or as much in party mode as in Dublin, but more to compare with Switzerland, where the audience was listening quitetly. Lodon also didn’t get the “Ohohoh…” part after “Love will set you free” to get the band back on stage for the encore 😉 But still the atmosphere was incredebly nice. Probably was because we were in London, at Roundhouse. But of course esp. in english speaking countries lyrics are understood better, sung along more. It was magical!

Way Back When
One Day
High Hopes
Brand New Day
The One
Love Like This
Coming Alive
All comes down
Love Will Set You Free

Everything Works Out
All I Want

What we were worried about in London, was Steve – or more exactly his voice. It was suffering on tour and it couldn’t be overheard even in Switzerland, that he had problems. Now towards the end of tour it seemed not better, rather the opposite. No real surprise with a over 30 shows tour and only few, single days of breaks inbetween. You can’t recover your voice like this? He seemed quite to struggle with some Songs. We were sure, it couldn’t go on like this for Long aymore. Not, that he destroys his voice completley?! But well, they played their last tour concert the following day and so he can hopefully recover til the summer Festivals.

It was sure worth to fly over to see the Irish in this beautiful and special location once again during their “Coming Up For Air” tour, listening to my favourite melodies and lyrics once more. I met acquaintances, got to know new people…”.

“…London will set you free…” 

I very hope, that this wasn’t my last concert in London or at the Roundhouse. We had a great time. After the concert I even met the guys of Seafret, who will play in Zurich on 21st May by the way! And for the Festival season Kodaline will already return to Switzerland on 12th August again. They’ll play “Stars in town” next to Swiss band Hecht and Brit James Morrison. I bought my ticket already. You can get yours at Ticketcorner.

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