Kunz in Rubigen

A rainy, chilly evening. Barley left the train, I already had wet feet. Well. On such days there’s nothing better than going to Mühle Hunziken in Rubigen and to witness jovially a nice concert. On his “Mund Art Folk” spring tour Kunz stopped again in Canton Bern, after the last concert in autumn in Lyss. And it was definitively one of the nicest concerts, I’ve got to see at Mühle Hunziken.

Thanks to the competition of beiuns.ch I could join the concert of Kunz at Mühle Hunziken. It wasn’t completely sold out, but many people came to listen to Marco and his band. So, the receipe for the selfmade Ice tea the Mühli barkeeper might overthink again… but yes, that’s not the subject-matter now. The location was very well crowded on that evening and it promised to become a good one. There were even some familiar faces in the audience.

The band – Edis Kahrimanovic (guitare, mandoline), Manuel Römer (drums, perucssion), Marcel “Schwegi” Schwegler (bass) and Patrick Baer (dulcimer) – entered stage, the concert started with “Eifach so”. We all could hear front guy Marco singing – but where was he? There he came from behind through the audience on stage. It directly continued then with the title song of the new album “Mund Art Folk”. And yes, barely the concert had started, Peter Reber was suddendly standing on stage [Video here] and surprised Marco and the band with gold for debut album “Eifach so”. Years ago Peter Reber was Kunz’ godparent at the SRF tv-show “Alperose” and since he had accompained the band on their way. That’s why he took this task and gave Marco the gold award. Great surprise! it’s when the Luzern musician almost started stuttering a bit.


It was a bright, jolly and happy atmosphere on this evening. The audience let themselves carry away and bewitch by the dialect folk and the charm of the band: Once on the track of “Schellen-Ursli” with “Chlini Händ” [Video here], once with the Joiz lyrix-session title “Läbe” or “Frei jong und wöud”  [Video here], in which I suddendly recognized the melody of Mumford & Sons’ “I will wait” – with dialect lyrics of course. When the band suddendly exchanged their instruments, it became quite wild and a little chaotic. But yes, as down-to-earth and close to the people they are, are also the songs. Just totally “Lüüt so wie mir” (people like us) [Video here]. And so Marco jumped again down into the audience, to sing and dance with them. Of course the little choreography for “Schwedinne” wasn’t missing either, to which everyone was wildly going and willingly singing along loudly.

With “Schlof nome ii” and “Ech schwör” it became more quite again during the encore. A super nice and entertaining evening. Just everything suited so well. And after the last tunes had faded, at least I felt just super content and balanced!

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