Lina Button in Bern

Last August Lina Button released her 3rd album “Misty Mind”. She didn’t just go on tour with it but also played additionally her “Little Secrets Tour”, she travelled through Switzerland for as a trio. One of these concerts took place at Musigbistrot in Bern. So I took the chance to go listening to her again.

At the beginning there were still tables standing in the little location, on which dishes were clanking LB_Cover_MistyMind_300dpi_RGBas some granted themselves a nice dinner before the concert. Apparently food at Musigbistrot is good, the desserts looked great for sure. I didn’t test it myself so far. But what I know is, that the atmosphere is super nice each time – whether Luca Little or Baba Shrimps are playing a rather quited unplugged concert or Hecht have a loud party and dance on the benches. So I was sure, also with Lina Button and her two companions, it was going to be nice again on this evening under the dimmed lights. And it was.

Tables and chairs were finally taken away, the room was definitively needed. Already five years ago Lina Button had performed at Musigbistrot, the audience was standing denseley packed in front of the small stage and were listening to the for the trio tour newley arranged old and new songs of the Thurgau musician. The album sounds more modern, more pop and even more electronic than its forerunner. But in the trio the songs did sound more simple. I hadn’t seen Lina Button that often yet. Ages ago once as a support act of Bastian Baker, with the full band at Summer Days Festival and then I recently was totally thrilled by her duo performence as KWABS support act.

Brigitte aka Lina Button played guitare, Luca Burkhalter and Lukas Gasser accompanied her on keyboards and drums. Sometimes she put the guitare aside, concentrating on the singing or relegated Luca of his place and sat down behind the keyboards herself for “Little Secrets” – by the way next to “Walking In The Shade” one of my favourites on the actual album. There was a new version of “Hard To Understand”. The trio made a live remix out of it [Video here] . Although such live played remixes are quite impressive, I am not really a fan of such and not really of this version. But sure the concert was very inventive and diversified. Instead I liked songs as “Out Of Sight” [Video here] and was of course totally happy about the encore with “Copy & Paste”, which she sang in duet with Luca (you can see and listen to him usually with Baba Shrimps by the way). This song I still play a lot in endless repeat long after its release.

We saw a wonderful concert on this evening. Lina Button and her two companions did thrill and charm everyone in Bern with her “Little Secrets Tour” concert, and left a happy audience. Who hasn’t seen Lina Button yet, should catch up on her – or just go again. Her concert dates you can find on

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