Manillio “Am Schluss” in Thun

When the big wheel is shining forth on the Mühli again, glittering and blinking, then it’s summer and the Festival time also just around the corner of Thun. From 19 to 30 July by Club Mokka organised Festival “Am Schluss” took place on Mühleplatz in Thun again. Already the 13th time.

It was a motley programme again with all kinds of styles. Next to Jeans For Jesus and Crimer there were names on the programme, I didn’t know the most. So I wasn’t sure how many concerts I’d go to see in the end. But I was looking forward to the festival kick off by Solothurn dialect rapper Manillio on Wednesday evening.

The concert was divided into two sets. During the week there were no supporting acts, but a break in-between instead. They also couldn’t play as late as at the weekend. As usual the concerts are for free with a collect.

We were also lucky with the weather. During the break it started raining shortly. But as soon as we had put our rain covers over us, it already stopped again and the concert could blithely continue.

Manillio had been performing in Thun more often before. But it was only my second concert visit of him. With his four member band (behold, almost half of the Lo & Leduc band 😉 ) he started an energetic show with the album title song “Kryptonit” and introduced his deluxe version of the same named successful album. Next to his uberhit “Monbijou”, “Stärne” or “Aues gloge”,  they also played his new song “Schall und Rauch”. I got to say, I esp. like these “radio songs”. But even I don’t like all of the songs that much, I generally like his concerts. With his music and easy, likable way he got the vibes going on the jam-packed Mühli. With additional solos in-between they did thoroughly thrill the audience.

At some point I was standing more in the back during the second part and obviously missed some things then. On the one side because I didn’t see to the stage from there, on the other side because I was concentrating on photographing. Somewhen two cute girls were standing on stage with him. But at which point the special guest was on stage with him, I read in the newspaper about, I completely missed out. That definitively never happened before. Absolutely a reason to stay in front of the stage and putting away cameras and phones every now and then 😉

Info about Manillio you can find on his website
Info about the festival you can find here

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