Mark Forster at Seaside Festival 2019

“Spiiiz, are you fine?” shouted Mark Forster questioningly into the crowd of the Seaside Festival and “jaahaaa!” came back resounding. Sure, it was agreed with the audience, of course, that they answered that way every time he asked. He and his guitarist had started the 1.5 hour show together and demanded “Flash mich!” (Flash me). The screaming began even before the whole band was on stage: bass player, guitarist, drummer, backing singer and brass section – everyone was there. At least the kids in the front rows immediately seemed flashed.

Um, when exactly did I miss the moment when Forster concerts became a children’s concerts? I mean, are there always this many kids at his concerts? And was he going to talk the whole concert like that now? Well, probably it came with The Voice Kids. So yes, at the end of the concert I felt like there were about 1’000 things that somehow bothered me. All together it was a well-rounded concert though …

Actually, I like Mark Forster

Actually, I really like Mark Forster. Maybe that’s why I was bothered by certain details? Back then at the Lucerne Festival 2012, when no one knew him, we were immediately blown away by Mark and his music. The wonderful pop melodies, the beautiful lyrics and just his style. I love the Ottifant, he had drawn into my autograph book shortly afterwards at the Papiersaal concert. Mark Forster was funny and super nice. Apparently still. Just somehow overexcited? Obviously, self-confidence also grew with the success. Good? Yes! Over the top? Sometimes somehow.

In 2015, in the middle of the exile concert, I left the show early. The synths, the whole sound, I could not withstand it in the small Zurich club. I swear, he sounded different before! Since then I only saw Mark Forster on TV – on The Voice or Sing meinen Song. I expected that I would feel the same again here in Spiez as I did in Zurich. But didn’t happen after all!

Mark got fooled

With songs like “Eimal”, “Für immer Forever”, “Killer” or the beautiful “Flüsterto” they continued in a varied way. The sound was really good. First he introduced his “Örchesterchen” (apparently the fans call him “Försterchen”). After about 7 songs, he was taught that he pronounced Spiez wrong all the time. Please pronounce with “e”. “Well, you said that very late intentionally ?!” Mark chided with played outrage.  “To fool me!”. Well, don’t worry, Mark. You were not the only one who had trouble with the place’s name 😉

Mark definitely kept his audience on their toes. Let them jump, sing along, celebrate with him. In addition to a colorful light show and screens, there were confetti and smoke. “Spiiez, are you fiine?” – “yeehees!”. It was an incredibly dynamic show.

But there were also calm goosebumps causing moments: Mark sat down at the piano – although he wasn’t good at playing piano well in public – and gave a song for his dad to the best. “Just like you” he had written for his father. Because their relationship has never been the best and somehow the right words couldn’t be found. “What I sing for you, do you feel it too?” he asks in the song and sent him the song then. His dad felt it too. So nice!

Where is the star guest?

„Kogong“ (einer den ich nicht mag) durfte natürlich nicht fehlen. Und wo blieb denn überhaupt der Stargast? Äh, Mark habe heute keinen. Habe sich da einfach nicht drum gekümmert. Aber, deshalb rief er einfach mal mit Facetime Michael Patrick Kelly an. Verpennt wie der schien, wollte er nicht, weshalb der nächste Anruf halt zu Sido ging. Der machte mit und sie sangen „Danke“ zusammen. Ach, das hatte er schon im Hallenstadion gemacht – sagte ich nur so und wurde überrascht angeschaut. „Wirklich?“ – Ja wirklich 😉  nein, die Calls waren also nicht live. Erstens hatte mir eben damals jemand vom selben Paddy Call Videos aus dem Hallenstadion geschickt. und zweitens war Paddy grad in Deutschland auf Festivaltour an dem Wochenende und nicht in den USA. Showtricks zur allgemeinen Unterhaltung! 

Of course, “Kogong” (one I do not like) could not be missed. And where was the star guest? Um, Mark didn’t have one today. Didn’t organise one. That’s why he just called Michael Patrick Kelly with Facetime. Sleepy how he seemed he didn’t want to, that’s why the next call went to Sido. He joined in and they sang “Danke”. Oh, he had already done that at Hallenstadion – I just said that and was looked at surprised. “Really?” – Yes, really 😉

For “Comeback” the band showed their dancing skills (very cool!) and there was a panflute part, before they came to an end with “Wir sinnd gross” and “Au revoir”.

Inbetween head and guts

Ohne Zugaben konnte Mark natürlich nicht gehen. Es gab ein Medley, bevor „Chöre“ folgte. Der müsste echt nicht sein. Grundsätzlich mochte ich aber mehr Songs als erwartet. Zum Glück endete er die Show allerdings mit einem meiner absoluten Favoriten ab dem gleichnamigen Album – „Bauch und Kopf“. Bauch und Kopf sagten dann aber am Ende auch bei mir eben zweierlei: Der Kopf findet ziemlich viele Details eher nervig. Der Bauch hat sich dann aber übers Konzert gefreut. Es war ja grundsätzlich schon eines der besten, wenn nicht das beste, Konzerte des Tages. Und seither läuft Mark Forster bei mir auch wieder auf und ab 😉 

Of course Mark couldn’t leave without encores. There was a medley before “Chöre” followed. They could have skipped this one. Generally, I liked more songs than expected though. Fortunately, he ended the show with one of my absolute favorites from the same named album – “Bauch und Kopf”. But guts and head said at the end two different things: The head found quite a lot of details rather annoying. The guts were happy about the concert. It was basically one of the best, if not the best, concerts of the day. And since then Mark Forster is played and down by me again 😉

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