Melanie C in Zurich

I admit I was a little perplexed standing in front of the Volkshaus stage, when the support played the first songs. There were not even closely as many people that could have been at Volkshaus. Although he was playing as a support of superstar Melanie C. Where was the audience? But the ex Spice Girl proofed, there hadn’t to be more.

Alex Francis opened the evening

Whilst a small group of young woman next to me was talking way too loudly, Alex Francis presented his rather quite songs. Next to own songs as the actual single “Make Believe” and the new “Get around”, he even played a cover. Accompanied at the acoustic guitar and with his raspy voice, the British singer/songwriter could win the audience over during his 30min performance. Alex’ first EP “These Words” will be released on June 9.

Melanie C with new album on tour

Shortly before Melanie C entered the stage with the band, the atmosphere changed. The excitement and anticipation of the fans in the front rows could be clearly felt. In the very front there were even some fans from Spain. The concert started with the new “Anymore” and from start Melanie was whirling around on stage in her high heels, swinging her hair and hitting the drums energetic.

After the first three all new songs Melanie informed that they were going to play many new songs. Indeed the setlist included the complete new album. Only a few early hits like “Never Be The Same Again” or the great cover of Rag’n’Bone Man’s “Human” were on it too. Thanks to the internet there probably won’t be too many surprises, she added. Though, I was indeed surprised.

From rock to dance pop

Last October Melanie C released her 7th studio album „Version Of Me“. After I had seen her in 2005 at Energy Stars For Free, I was looking forward to see “Sporty Spice” live again. I noticed though, that with the new album her rock-pop sound had changed a lot into dance pop. Actually the concert was too electronic for me.

Actually, but Melanie C knew how to thrill the audience. Were first especially the die-hard fans in the front rows having a huge party and celebrating their idol, quickly everyone was in. Her recognizable voice, strong but still wonderful soulful, together with her obviously endless energy and likable manner, she was sweeping away. She let her audience dance and sing along. Her fans sure absolutely knew the lyrics.

But also beautiful ballades like „Northern Star“, „First Time Of My Life, or the new „Our history“ followed, which made everyone dream and the concert visitors were swinging lights and arms with them. It wasn’t a huge show, but it was more about her and her songs. They were supported by matching lights.

Back to the 90s and an electroparty at the end

Actually there were five people needed for the next song, who wanted to take Scary or Ginger Spice’s parts? When Melanie at the end revived the 90s again with the Spice Girls song “Say You’ll Be There”, another rapture went through the audience. Even I was surprised, how well I still knew the words.

For the encore Alex Francis came on stage with Melanie. Together they sang the beautiful “Hold On” in a duet. With the wonderful harmonising voices of them, the song became immediately my personal highlight of the evening. The concert ended after “Think About It” with a wild electro party during “I Turn To You”.

The new dance-pop direction of Melanie C isn’t exactly my favourite, but quite hyper and excited I left the concert. Excited about her and her voice, the good atmosphere and the concert in general.

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