Michael Patrick Kelly at Samsung Hall

While we were having dinner at the Italian in summer temperatures right behind the concert hall, chatting with our table neighbors about the Kelly Family comeback weekend in Dortmund, more and more fans were arriving. Including many familiar faces that you keep seeing at the concerts. You could really feel the general excitement and anticipation.

On Friday, Michael Patrick Kelly had started his next round of the ID tour in Kempten, which brought him back to Zurich on Saturday. He entertained the concertgoers in the sold-out Samsung Hall with the same show as in January at Volkshaus (read here). He also scored this time with a special guest.

Cameras banned

The security at the entrance control told me that digital cameras were banned by the management at short notice and that I could not get it in. What?? Next time I take an analog camera, or what? ­čśŤ Well, if you say so … But of course during the concert I saw at least a handful of people with just such pocket cameras, to whom nobody said anything. So basically, I did not think that was cool. That’s when you start to think about how you smuggled your cameras in 15-20 years ago. You knew all the tricks. You certainly remember? ­čśë

Only been at Samsung Hall once before (then general standing at Amy MacDonald‘s), I was not very enthusiastic about the seating arrangement. Luckily we did not sit further to the right. You might not have really seen the stage otherwise. In addition, the aisles were incredibly wide in between. This would certainly affect the vibes …. But I found the sound really good again. However, I have heard something different as well.

Reviving old times? No problem.

The lights went out. Flashlights flared as the band entered the stage and Paddy lay on top of the podium. They started again with “Lazarus” and as expected song after song the same setlist as at the last January concert followed. His songs from the current album “ID”, paired with a few older titles.

Kelly hits like “An Angel” or “One More Song” were not missing. Today, they would have it totally under control: Those who wanted to revive the old days, could find the “fainting corner” from his point of view on the right side and the “puke corner” on the left. ­čśë Yes, Paddy and his typical Kelly humor … the craziest Kelly jokes often come from the family themself. By the way, the “Sing meinen Song” part, including the beautiful gentlemen and Mark Forster Cover, was also included.

Gone way too early

“It is so extremely quiet!”, whispered my colleague and listening to the silence one might actually have heard a pin fall. It was a nice concert and also a lot of fun to be there, but somehow there was something missing that evening. It was certainly impressive how quiet and attentive the audience listened every time Paddy spoke. Especially with very significant and touching songs like “Requiem” this silence makes a difference. In the song Paddy commemorates various, much too early deceased musicians.

Yes, it was again thought-provoking: At the last concert, 4 days before Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan suddenly died. This time, Michael Patrick mentioned the Swedish DJ Avicii, who had committed suicide about two weeks ago.

But it can also be too quiet. Rock bangers like “One More Freaking Dollar” or “No Fuzz No Buzz” as well as the whole narratives and jokes of Paddy did brighten up, but emotionally they could not reach the Volkshaus-concert. At least not in the first part. After Paddy’s announced restroom break, it changed yet.

Michael Patrick Kelly welcomed Swiss guest

With “Renegade” started the second part of the concert pretty energetic, but became a little quieter again. We had been wondering the whole time, when and with what song he would now come on stage with Paddy, when he finally called the Swiss soul singer Seven after the “Sing my song” part to join him. You may know him from “Sing meinen Song” – if not before, of course ­čśë

This time Paddy did not play any Swiss-German serenade. Paddy thought he had failed miserably back at Volkshaus. Maybe he’ll start a new attempt someday. But he did not promise anything. We thought before that special guest Seven might sing with him in Swiss German. We had spotted Seven in the afternoon and saw the possibility in it. But that was not the case. After all, they disscussed that Seven could teach him the language.

It was the highlight of the evening: The two thrilled the audience with a great duet to Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”. So beautiful how the voices fit. From then on, the atmoshpehre at Samsung Hall changed.

Paddy, a selfie please!

The change of atmosphere certainly also was influenced by Paddy. He was climbing again through the audience across the chairs during “Happiness” to take a souvenir photo. On the way he stopped for the one or other fanselfie and even the selfie request with the banner worked here again. I should probably also make such a poster …?

As soon as Paddy was back on stage, some fans sneaked from the back to the front aisles. At some point a part of the right audience side started to move. Latest at “ID” then, a bunch of fans stood in front of the stage and started a small dance party. They also did not let anyone send them back to their seats. Dancing, jumping and singing … Except for those in the front row, who almost were at loggerheads, everyone had a lot of fun. Especially with Paddy’s hit “Shake Away” the whole Samsung Hall was standing and dancing.

“Last Word” finished the set. But Paddy and the band returned to the stage again as the encore was followed by the more spiritual songs “Holy” and “Hope”. And do you remember this “choreo” of the Icelandic football team? With something like this Paddy and band including Seven said goodbye for good ­čśë

I’m already looking forward to the openair concert on July 13, 2018 at Summerstage in Basel. Who among you will be there?



  1. Intro & Lazarus
  2. Golden Age
  3. A Little Faith
  4. Roundabouts
  5. Flag
  6. Medley: An Angel, One More Song, One More Freaking Dollar
  7. No Fuzz No Buzz
  8. Ares Qui
  9. Requiem
  10. Renegade
  11. Awake
  12. Higher Love
  13. Friends R Family
  14. Memories
  15. Fl├╝sterton
  16. Forever Young (feat. Seven)
  17. Happiness
  18. ID
  19. Shake Away
  20. Last Words
  21. Holy
  22. Hope

Info about Michael Patrick Kelly you can find on his website:

Info about Seven you can find here: www.sevenmusic.ch

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