Michael Patrick Kelly in Munich

Oh wow, I probably never was catapulted into the past as much as on this evening in Munich. I felt like 12/13 years old, somewhere at a Kelly Family concert. An unique feeling!

Me and a friend went off to Munich, to see Michael Patrick Kelly, or better known fro most as Paddy Kelly from the Kelly Family, live. Somehow I managed to get great tickets. So the anticipation was even a lot bigger. We met in the train from Winterthur to Munich. The train was almost empty and so we had loads of space as well as a pleasant journey to Munich. Though we’ve seen Paddy three times live in Zurich and Bern since he had left the monastry, but this concert was going to be something different. On 15th May 2015 he had released his 2nd solo album “Human” and was now on tour with a complete band. We had to see this.

We arrived around 1.30 pm. The hotel H+ was only a few minutes from the train station away and we found it quickly. We even got spontaniously an upgrate from a double bedroom to a studio. Though we didn’t want to imagine what size a normal double bedroom was, as the studio wasn’t too big. But for our short stay it was super. It was nice and for only one night, we didn’t spend too much time in our room.

It took us a 15min walk to the Circus Krone. There were already several fans around the location. Here in Munich is the headquarter of Circus Krone. If you go around it at the outside, it seems like a big fort. Ath the backstage entrance also quite many fans were standing, but we decided not to wait there. I do it for some, but somehow I couldn’t do this for Paddy now, even I would so love to meet him and at least get a single picture together with him. Because we had numbered seats and it still took ages til doors opened or show started, we went into town – direction Marienplatz to the new town hall. We were looking around, went shopping and eating ice cream. Just a real, nice summerlike afternoon. And less than an hour before doors opened we were back at Circus Krone.

During admission drinking bottles were of course taken away and even cameras or you had to give it off temporarly. I don’t know if they didn’t see mine? It was in my bag, but none said anything. We heard that Kathy’s son Sean was selling merchandise. Of course we were incredibly curious and wanted to see it with our own eyes. I think I’ve seen Sean the last time, when he was a little 3 years old boy, crossing the stage with his toy guitare. The now 22 years old man was standing indeed there and we suddendly felt a little old 😉 But we were at the stand just in time to get one of the last 7 Munich tour posters. I only said outside I’d love to have one. So of course I took one with me.

Our seats – 1st row middle, seat 13 and 14. Incredible. Directly in front of Paddy’s microfone. How I managed to get these tickets, I really don’t know my self. I never have been front row at a Kelly concert before. The location is really nice. It is a building in form of a tent, so no real tent as usual. About 3000 people fit in. Everywhere chandeliers with warm lights are hanging. The folding chairs are not the most comfortable ones, but it was enough. We were indeed standing most of the time anyway.

At 8pm the concert started. In the very dark the 4 members band followed by Paddy entered stage. The show started with a calm, a bit spiritual intro. I sat there on my chair, saw Paddy standing in front of me, so close, in front row as close to touch, without barriers, without hysteria and screaming around me… the audience was sitting there quietly listening… I.N.D.E.S.C.R.I.B.A.B.L.E. Energicaly “Beautiful Soul” from the new album followed and with “Fell in love with an alien” the first Kelly hit. You can hear and see it very well, Paddy got older and got a lot of his own, but I feld like at a Kelly Family concert. It felt like this, it sounded like it so much and suddendly for the first time I realized how much Paddy actually was in the Kelly Family. Sure he was the musicial director back then and it’s somehow obvious, but something like that I didn’t think about back then. And now after I’ve seen the single siblings live, compared to his concert he sounds still the most like the Kelly Family back then. Do you know what I mean? There were so many goosebump moments and yes, latest with “Brother Brother” the first tears were running. I still can’t describe it – totally overwhelming. Paddy was running and climbing over the stage, was joking and I feld like it’s the Paddy, I’ve seen back then at the Kelly Family concerts – just older. And without his siblings. Although he seemed a lot more distand and reserved at the last concert, his solo concerts.

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Paddy is very religious, spiritual, but in a way you don’t feel like he wanted to force anyone into it. He’s talking about his experiences at the monastry, about his faith, about god and the world. But very general in words, that comfort, do well, that call the goodness in people. And so the minute of peace / minute of silence was unusual, but not disturbing. Generally it was an incredibly great pop concert. With super catchy and touching melodies as well as lyrics. His new songs, old Kelly hits and his own covers. All the fans, that partly even came with their own kids now, knew all the songs even afvter so many years still by heart. The whole atmosphere was phenomenal, was increasing with each song! And still different, because Paddy could walk through the audience or stand inbetween to sing without being ran over. Wonderful moments!

When the last tunes of the encore faded, at least I felt like pulled back somewhere out of anothere sphere. Paddy Kelly was – no, is – definitively back again and I loved every second of this concert. I hope so much, that I still will be able to see many more concerts. It’s indescribably wonderful!

Here you can find a youtube playlist with various fanvideos from there

1. Ruah
2. Beautiful Soul
3. Fell in love with an alien
4. Safe Hands
5. Happiness
6. Renegade / Renegade Reprise
7. Rose Of Jericho
8. Jokerman
9. Brother Brother
10. Ares Qui
– break –
11. Flag
12. An Angel
13. Little Giants
14. Out Of Touch
15. Salve Regina
16. One more song
17. Shake away
18. One more freaking dollar
19. Proud Mary
20. Here to stay
21. Van Diemen’s land
– encore-
22. Hope
23. Thanking blessed Mary / Sailing

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