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I don’t know whether it was because I was sick all week, was not too fit and just was very tired that evening, tha I was annoyed so quickly… But the huge chatter in the audience that evening at Bierhübeli was just unbelievable and more than disrespectful. Marco Balzli’s concert, a few days before, was almost sacred in comparison to…

Charlie Chunningham at Bierhübeli BernI noticed that many teens were at the concert. Charlie Chunningham sat down on stage with his guitar. With a “hello Bern” – and pronounced Bern as German as possible – he greeted the audience with a grin. Yeah, his songs are very quiet and maybe he just did not manage to tie people up and get their attention completely, but the chattering was just totally disrespectful. I barely understood what he sang and had almost only the talk of the audience in the ears. And I was standing right at the stage, in front row.

And yet, when he finished a song, there was huge applause and cheers. That was surprising somehow. I would have been grateful if they had listened to the singer / songwriter from the UK a little closer and just kept silent. The Brit has a very special voice and also playing style. Will not necessarily be one of my favorites, but go somewhere to a cafe or a bar, if you just want to chat and you need communication? A loud “Shhh” then finally kept going through the audience. So it was not just me who was annoyed and wanted quiet.

Half an hour after Charlie, Mighty Oaks entered the stage. During their “The Golden Road” tour they also stopped at Bierhübeli Bern. The show was sold out since the end of October. Mighty Oaks – a three-member folk band from Berlin. Lead singer Ian Hooper is originally from the USA, guitarist Claudio Donzelli from Italy and bassist Craig Saunders from England. And on tour are a drummer and a keyboarder from Germany with them.

Mighty Oaks at Bierhübeli Bern

[Photos of Mighty Oaks in the gallery]

You would have thought during  the main act, during Mighty Oaks, people would be quiet and wanted to listen. But again several times a loud “Schhhh” went through the audience until the chattering majority finally fell silent and the band slowly reached the audience. Especially from the first faster and more catchy song, people finally seemed to focus on the music.

There were some shrieking teenagers in between, you would have thought to be at a boyband concert but then it became okay. The concert was very nice after all. Such a balance and harmony their songs bring along. But they also played many songs, during which you just could not stand still. And sometimes even minor euphoria went through the audience during certain songs. I was surprised at how many of their songs I recognized: Such as “Seven Days”, “Back To You” or “Just One Day”. And it was impressive how many knew the lyrics to the latter and sang along word by word. You wouldn’t have thought at the beginning of the concert.

I was glad that I could go home to bed though. It was not a good day for concerts. Yes, in fact, this sometimes happens to me. But if I get the chance I might go see Mighty Oaks again . Maybe at a festival then…



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