Movits in Baden

During their Euope tour Swedish hip hop trio Movits! also came to Switzerland for three concerts and thanks to a friend I was in Baden too. We still didn’t understand a word, what the three guys exactly are singing in their songs, but they proofed, that it’s not exactly necessary.

I’ve already seen Movits twice at festivals: Once in 2011 at Gampel and the second time last year at Gurtenfestival. The brothers Johan and Andres as well as Joakim showed back then, that no matter what time of the day, they are total entertainers and know how to entertain their audience. At the latter one they’ve been four and a perfect festival band. This time only the three of them were touring. But would that work out at a rather middle well visited indoor concert? I can only say: ABSOLUTELY!

Movits are on the road with their fourth album “Dom försökte begrava oss, dom visste inte att vi var frön”. Johan vocals, Andres at the DJ console, vocals and guitare as well as Joakim on the saxophone. Movits are full of contrasts: On the one side there’s the DJ on his console, on the otherside with guitare and saxophone they play instruments. Then there are the chic white shirts, on the otherside with big sun glasses, hat and west, the fronguy is dressed in a hippie look. However, they play an incredibly variable and energetic show.

At the end of the intro they entered stage and immediately swept everyone away with “Kommer aldrig dö” (translation: “We will never die”). And the longer the show took, the more the audience got moving. Rhythmic, electrifying, jazzy with saxophone solos, then a little more reggae, followed rather with dance hall and harder hip hop – the band rocks totally. Maybe 1-2 people in the audience were obviously knowing the language, apart from that Movits concerts are still just a lot of fun though. And the Swedes seem visibly to love what they are doing.

The three of them were constantly moving, esp. frontguy Johan. If he wasn’t having a break, allowing himself a sip of beer, scolding the saxophonist for drinking water on a Saturday, as well as bringing out the differences and similarities between Sweden and Switzerland, he kept chasing from the one to the other side of the stage. And for the final he jumped into the audience to dance along to “Dansa i regnet” in the middle of us.

What a party! And by the way, in case you can proof at the next concert, that you own IKEA furnitures AS WELL AS a Rolex, you might get a drink from Andres 😉 But who got IKEA furnitures anyway? *harrumph*

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