Undiscovered Soul

Undiscovered Soul.

I think, it was at Thunfest 2011 when I heard of Undiscovered Soul for the first time. Didn’t even see the whole show back then and only about one year later a full concert at “Festival am Schluss”. Inbetween they played small promo gigs in the streets of Thun.

Undiscovered Soul are Luk, Michi, Rease, Janik, Domi and Jay. A band from Thun. A band from my home area. Once they’ve been seven, but Nikki isn’t part of it anymore. What a chaotic group, but as much talented and energetic, hard working, spontanious, very openminded, down to earth and they probably are the nicest and most polite guys, I ever got to know. It’s really cool to see the way, they went in this time – won competitions as well as shows and played festivals national and international. They’ve been Support Act of German group Silbermond at Hallenstadion Zurich ,sold their CDs (Debutalbum “Dresscode Love” and the first of three EPs “Yellow“) and merchandise, got played on the radio and convinced people from their music, found new fans. The joy and happyness they spread with their music, give hope and courage. Make you continuing. Their music rocks, also invites to dream. They have wonderful lyrics. With the influence and individual inputs of each instrumentalist as well as with lead singer Jay’s amazing voice, they play sometimes a bit crazy, but absolutely energetic rock shows, that quickly take your breath away. It’s the idiosyncrasies. In no other band the triangle rocks as with the Souls. On the other side they also simply play their small accoustic shows or get into front of the audience completley accapella. Small technical problems during the shows won’t throw them.

Yes, if anyone asks for them, then I love to tell about them, introduce their songs. One just got to love them and be proud to know them, to be part of their fan group. Slowely but surely they grow as a band, get better knwon. For me they are already big!

Official Website: HERE
Undiscovered Soul on itunes: HERE
Undiscovered Soul on YouTube: HERE

My live videos of Undiscovered Soul: HERE


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