newmusicfriday #3: TOP5 – 19.10.2018


It’s #newmusicfriday: On Fridays there’s new music.  Here are my Top 5 favorite new releases of the day today. The list today contains again  severalSwiss acts 🙂

My Top5 new releases today


The guys from Tawnee have released their 2nd EP “Paradise” three years after their debut EP. The Davos indie rock band is characterized by the two-voiced vocals and the integrated piano. Compared to the first EP, the new songs are more dynamic and more rock.

Four songs can be found on the new album. Overall I really like the second, very catchy EP. The only thing missing is that I get to see the band FINALLY live.

more information about Tawnee can be found at


The Valais newcomer JulDem has released “In Another Life”, his new single and second forerunner of the 1st EP “ReLoveUnion”, which will be released on 16.11.2018. Soul pop with groovy reggae and hip hop vibes combined with some electro. I’m looking forward to the EP!

Click here for the song: In Another Life

more information about JulDem can be found at


Today I stumbled across Poems of Jamiro while browsing Spotify. The Hamburg electro-pop duo has released their second album “Human”. The two musicians combine analog instruments like piano and violin with synthesizer sound. Always sceptical about synthesizers, I immediately liked their sound. Listen to them.

Click here for the album: Human

you can find more information about the duo on


Currently on tour in Switzerland and Germany, the sibling duo Zibbz has released their new single “Rich”. Rhythmically, with great pop melody and Co’s great voice the song is about “being rich” – and no, they don’t mean money that makes you rich.

picture: Zibbz

Info about Zibbz can be found on


Having seen the preview of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the run-up to “A Star Is Born”, I immediately thought that the film would be worth going to the cinema just because of the soundtrack. It has even been released today. I like the songs of Freddie Mercury and Queen. So the curiosity for the film increases even more.

Album on spotify: Bohemian Rhapsody OST

Info about you can find here

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