Nickless in Thun

Oh, I forgot to tell you about Nickless. Nickless was actually on streetconcert tour in December and also came to Thun. So between Friday night with Pegasus in Baden and Saturday night with Lo & Leduc in Thun, I’ve heard him with his band.

It was pretty cold and rather early. Haha. Ok, at 11 pm the concert was going to take part. My friends were flabbergasted, when I told them that I was out of bed for only about 15min or so. So more or less got up on on the bus. Yes, for once very handy.

What can I tell you about Nickless? I actually don’t know that much… I’ve seen him on his own as a support of 77 Bombay Street and Bastian Baker already a few times. Nic is a young, lively singer/songwrite r- um, I think from Zurich (correct me, if I am wrong) – and it was always a lot of fun to listen to him. Yes and now I found rather by chance the facebook post, that they’ll play in Thun during their street concerts tour.

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First he only calld himself Nici, that turned into Nickless now. They played as a trio with 2 guitars and a Cajón (Yes I’ve googled the word, I just can’t keep it :P). It was super cold, but they had brought punch for their audience. Completely equipped so! They played songs as “Josephine”, “Marry Me” or “Waiting for your call” from the same named EP “Waiting for your call” (you can get it on ) Sadly they weren’t allowed to use amps in Thun, why it was of course a little difficult with the volume in the middle of the town. Still it was fun and some curious and intrested ones stopped.

I am very curious how career will develope. On 13 February 2015 they’ll first single “Waiting” will be released.

Youtube-Playlist: Nickless in concert

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