Olly Murs at Plaza Zurich

He’s flirting, talking to the audience and making selfies with the front row during the show. He’s dancing and laughing lively with his background singers and presenting his „food baby“ (swelling his belly even more), which with the „Basler Leckerli” he got, sure won’t become smaller.  „Basler Leckerli“ is a word, with which one can quite tease non-german-speakers 😉 Prononciation is rather difficult. Yes, you defintively can’t resist Olly Murs and his charme ! And even if he doesn’t think so of himself, the English man absolutely sexy! The way he is, his charme, his music – all this and a lot more is Olly. And even in the morning after the showcase, I still was absolutely smitten by him.

It’s been the 5th time I’ve seen Olly Murs live. Postfinance gave me tickets for the 48th The Showcase . Anticipation was sure huge. And I probably seen my friend properly ‚fan-girling‘ that day for the first time. Haha, brilliant! 😀 The presenter didn’t really announce him and let the presentation do the xFactor contestant himself. „Oh baby, I just want you to dance with me tonight…“. One just can’t do differently but dance and sing along from the very first tune. The energy, the happiness and good mood are totally infectious. He’s the perfect example that casting shows definitively don’t have to be won. From second place he’s been working to the top of the music business. In England he’s already a superstar and filling O2 Arena in London several times in a row. And slowely but surely also Switzerland is discovereing what a great entertainer he is. So it was even better to see him in this small club.

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He loved Christmas and advent, he told and was probably even happier about the many fan presents he received during the show. As a thank you he gave kisses and selfies. And yes, we were quite close to the stage, even though we arrived rather late. But even if you were only a few rows from the front, you were kinda sulking not being in the very front of the stage. Differently than expected he only played 2 songs of the new album „Never Been Better“ – next to the same named one there was also „Wrapped Up“ [Video hier]. Next to them, there were better known songs like my favourites „Oh My Goodness“ [Video hier], „I’ve Tried Everything“, „Dear Darlin‘“ and „Heart Skips A Beat“. Besides he brought the summer back again and let everyone sweat during his „Earth Wind and Fire“ medley. This he had already played as part of the Robbie Williams supporting tour.

1. Dance with me tonight
2. Oh my goodness
3. I’ve tried everything
4. Never been better
5. Wrapped up
6. Earth Wind & Fire Medley
7. Dear Darlin’
8. Heart Skips A Beat

The only rub? The showcase was way too short. It could have gone on like this for hours. It was big fun!

Luckily Olly Murs will come back to Switzerland in the end of May again – and even to Bern! So, we see us on Saturday, 30 May 2015 at Festhalle Bern? 😀 Tickets you can get HERE at Ticketcorner.

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