Open Season’s “You Look Good” video

Open Season are an urban reggae band form Bern, that is already around in the music business for over 15 years. They released already several singles and albums and are esp. to recommend as a live band. Where Open Season perform, there’s a good atmosphere. I have seen them live for the first time at the Wake & Jam and immediately was hooked.

But if you have a quite minute, then you should listen to their lyrics. They are very significant. E.g. their song “You Look Good”, from their actual album “Boombay”. 2 months ago they released the video for it.

open season video post

And yes, if you take a closer look, you may spot between all the known and unknown faces even me. 😉 Differently to the Halunke Video, where I was in as well, the different woman taking part, made their own videos, sent them and were put together to a video by the band.

Well, did you already find the single parts and the one, where I am seen? Maybe you have even recognized someone else? Have fun watching. And don’t forget: You Look Good! 🙂

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