Pablopolar in Huttwil

There you come around the Corner looking for the entrance of the concert location, when you are suddendly standing in front of the Yokko tourbus. I was a bit irritated, even I actually knew, it had to be borrowed. “Lord Voldemort” – the Pablopolar band car – recently met his maker (RIP). Still it was rotating in my head for a Moment, but then it was Pablopolar after all Standing on stage. 😉

Originally my whole Weekend was planned for Pablopolar . The last concert was in January – way too Long ago – and except of this they played another double concert with The Drops at Werkk in Baden. It started way too late though and I only found out about totally at short notice. So I changed my plans and I “only” went to Improvisorium Huttwil on Saturday. A pitty cos of The Drops, but main thing was I could listen to and see Pablopolar.

The Improvisorium is a small location in Huttwil, already existing for about 20 years. 20 YEARS! It’s changing at the Moment. They try to get more Young people there again. Umm, but many obviously prefer to pay overpriced entrances at any boom-boom-clubs.  The amount of audience was modest, the atmosphere at the Location nice and super cozy though. The audience enjoyed the 1,5 hours concert of the band. And me anyway. For days I’ve been looking forward to this concert and because I couldn’t go the night before, even more.

Ahead of the concert the band asked me, if they should play “Faulinaux” – as if I’d say no 😉 Each additional song they play, the better 😉 And the song is super nice and I still try to figure out the meaning of the word. “F A U L I N A U X”. Pff… Maybe the enlightment will come after listening to it for the 1000 time. So a clear YES to play it. Well, might they have asked for “Ambulance”, then maybe… 😉 So, they started their concert with “Colorize” again. Obviously Simon had some guitare and technical Problems from the beginning, but you wouldn’t note too much. Not me anyway ^^

Here the setlist of the evening:

Setlist Pablopolar in Huttwil
Setlist Pablopolar in Huttwil

1. Colorize
2. A Thousand Years
3. Family History
4. Everything in between
5. Guiding Light
6. Monterey Bay
7. Faulinaux
8. Ambulance
9. Promise
10. Playground comittment rules
11. Peter Pan
12. Walk (Kwabs Cover)
13. You’re Love Is Colder Than Mine
14. Arlene

Ahead of “Monterey Bay” front guy Manu asked, if anyone ever was in Monterey or in California before? The least. Only one guy, in a Special “vintage Outfit” and top hat answered having been in New York before. Well, it was at the other end of the Country, but it counted. With this I heard about these journeymen for the first time, who go through live without money and in these outfits. Two men in the audience apparently were such ones. The word “Zimmermann” (carpenter) and I googled it then. I don’t know if they were such ones for sure. Should have asked, how that works exactly. What they are allowed and what not, how they go through live and what else, I don’t know for sure. But he was asked then, how he would have gotten to New York in this case? But it was before this time 😉

For sure it was a super nice evening – and informative the same time. Unfortunately it takes Ages again now to the next concert. Well, the two next ones are soon – but in French-speaking part. I can’t go there.

Have a look at for more informations. The one or other concert will take place and esp. they’ll play Gurtenfestival. Can’t wait. Couldn’t be there last time.

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