Pablopolar are Manuel, Pablo, Simon and Julian. And since their “Sleepwalker” tour Yannik is also not to thinkout of the band anymore. An Indie-pop/rock band from Bern. Their melancholy embossed songs let you dance on one side, on the other though they put you under their spell, let you drift into another world, make you feel longings. Lead singer Manu’s voice, that got something very calming in it, with the background singing – perfect. And to understand the lyrics, I had to get the dictonary out already, because not all of it is available in my vocabulary. That’s just what I like. It’s not just the simple words. And you got something to think about.

Pablopolar is the band, I keep feeling, I’d know them forever already. But I’ve only seen 15 concerts so far, compared to other bands, that’s only a few shows and of their 100 played shows (on 28.12.2013 they played their 100st show in Schwarzenburg) only a trickle. That I have discovered Pablopolar at all, is thanks to SRF3 (back then still DRS3) and Olly Murs. Because I absolutely wanted to see him at the DRS3 Showcase back then. Back then Rafael was still part of the band. He played on 7th September 2013 – unfortunately without me, because I didn’t know it – his last concert with Pablopolar though. Since then Manuel’s brother Julian is bass player. He’s frequently been part of them before. With every concert I learn something new about the band. Since 2008 on the road, they released in 2011 their debutalbum “Any Minute Now, haven been Support Act of Hurts in Zurich in 2010 and played next to other ones in July 2011 at Gurtenfestival as well as in August 2013 at Zurich Openair. After the showcase I’ve seen three more shows, before they did a concert break and went to the studio for their second album “Sleepwalker”. It was released on 3rd Mai 2013 and they also launched their “Sleepwalker Movie Project” with it. “Sleepwalker” – my album 2013. Absolute favourite. And no it’s not only because I was mentioned in the “Thank You’s” in their 2nd album – after only 4 (!!!) seen concerts (read my earlier post HERE)… Okay, not only 😉 The album contains wonderful melodies and sounds, great beats, fabulous lyrics – e.g. A Thousand Years (favourite song), Peter Pan or Monterey Bay. The songs hit directly the heart. And Pablopolar are of course an amazingly great, and very likable band with super crew.

You should have seen Pablopolar live at least once in a lifetime. If It was for me, I’d watch their concerts daily. Can’t listen – and see – them enough 😉

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Pablopolar on itunes: HERE
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My Pablopolar Live-Videos: HERE

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