Patricia Kelly in Biel

11.01.2015  – Last time I met Patricia Kelly back then before the concert of the Kelly Family in Zurich in 2002, last time I’ve seen her live was in 2005 at the Roncalli concert in Würzburg. I hardly believed that I would ever seen her back in Switzerland not to mention met her. But exactly this happened on that Sunday thanks to the organistation of some long term Kelly Family fans. They brought Patricia for her lecture to Biel.


Patricia published in February 2014 her biography with the title “Der Klang meines Lebens” and since toured for lectures through Germany. The organiser in Switzerland was missing though and so some long time fans were organising it by themselves. They organised such an event in Biel at Kulturlokal “Rennweg 26”. During the lecture Patricia was raving about the professional organisation, the great care and the nice, selfmade lasagne. About 100 fans were in Biel, the lecture was sold out. When we arrived shortly before 6pm and were to queue, we could immediately see the difference to the concerts of her brothers Angelo and esp. Paddy. The atmosphere before and during the doors opening was a lot more relaxed and less nervous. But also there we met many familiar faces and old friends. Doors opened delayed, but finally we found five seats in about the middle of the left location side. The seats went steplike to the top. Handy, so you could see well from everywhere.

Patricia came with Thomas, who accompaigned her on the piano, and her nephew Clement (son of her brother Paul Kelly), who was in charge of the technics. On a screen they showed during the 2,5 hour lecture (there was a short break inbetween) text and esp. photos. Except of this a bus was chugging over a world map. That was impossible, Patricia’s youngest son Ignatius had told her as the wheeles were turning backwards. With loads of humour, spontanity and emotions she was reading from her biography. She told about the beginning of the Kelly Family to their highlights. Told about childhood meories, ups and downs throughout her life, different experiences and all the travelling she did with her family.

The Kelly Kids never visited a real school back then, and still she did learn so much – spoke and is still speaking several languages fluently, visited the most renowned ballet schools and was known as the thoughest business woman in Germany’s music business, what she mainly thought to herself. With this she did the “Kelly School”[Video here] with some from the audience. There was a lot of laughing. While she was reading, she was accompagined silently by the piano or sang some songs inbetween. She didn’t sing the typical known Kelly Family songs but many I personally have heard rarely or even never live before – “No Lies”, “Life is hard enough” or “It’s ok now”. She kept laughing and joking with the audience, remembered stories spontaniously inbetween her telling out of the book and kept sometimes forgetting where she was before.

After the lecture she took time for photos and autographs. It’s just so great to meet  and see one of my childhood idols live again – she and her family had a big impact on my life after all. And to exprience this together with old and new friends – undiscribable! So emotional and packed full with memories. And the best – on 10th may 2015 Patricia will be back again in Switzerland with her “Favourites tour”. On this evening it will be a complete concert at Restaurant Rössli in Stäfa ZH, where I’ve already seen her brother Paddy before. Infos and tickets HERE

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